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Sean Donnelly ’14

Ladies, meet Sean Donnelly! He is a fun and spontaneous Health Sciences Major! When he’s not studying you can find him hanging out with his brothers at Sigma Phi Epsilon. He’s a great catch and still on the market! Enjoy!

Full name: Sean Michael Donnelly
Age: 20
Major: Health Sciences
Hometown: Florissant, MO
Relationship Status: Single
Favorite Movie: “Shooter”
First thing on your bucket list: Definitely skydiving
Most embarrassing moment: I fell down the stairs during a party and a bunch of people saw me. I just pretended it didn’t happen, got up, and walked away.
Favorite place in Columbia: On top of Jesse Hall
Best Mizzou memory so far: When I got my pledge son
Favorite pick up line: How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice… Hi, I’m Sean!
What do you look for in a girl: A girl who likes to have a good time, has a sense of humor, smart, usually dark haired, good hygiene, likes animals (dogs), and is kind of goofy as well.
Ideal date: Dinner where we could talk and be goofy, then a movie we’d both enjoy. Then maybe some ice cream to talk some more and joke around and end with a kiss goodnight.
Fun fact about yourself: I use to work at aquarium with saltwater sharks and eels
Favorite food: Chinese
If you could trade places with anyone for a day who would it be?: Mark Wahlberg because he created/produced Entourage. He’s a genuine guy, he rapped the song “Good Vibrations” and is a famous actor…. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to be Marky Mark?

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