Scream Queens Season 2 Premiere: Top 3 Moments

"Scream Queens" is back and more fabulous than ever. This season we are blessed with new and totally gorgeous characters, a new creepy setting and a new masked villain. While the entirety of the episode was definitely 10/10, here are my personal top three favorite moments.

1. John Stamos

Honestly, anything with John Stamos in it is worthy of watching. While Uncle Jesse will always be my favorite Stamos character, Dr. Brock Holt could definitely come in as a strong second place.

Also, if you’re feeling nostalgic…<iframe

2. The Chanels’ Nurse Uniforms

I am LIVING for these outfits. Number 3’s vest and Number 5’s transparent purse are both must haves. As always, Chanel Oberlin epitomizes “fabulous” with her sheer shawl. 

3. Kirstie freaking Alley

If you didn’t fall in love with Kirstie when she was scheming with Mary-Kate and Ashley well, to be honest then... 

because she killed it then and she’s killing it now on "Scream Queens" as the devious Head Nurse Hoffell, who seems to be in cohorts with Dean Munch.

4. BONUS: Taylor Lautner is, in fact, still alive.