Saved By The Blush: Pre-Class Beauty 101

These quick makeup and fashion tips take five minutes or less but make all the difference! Small changes like these will revamp your confidence before you head off to class – no extreme effort required.

Add a sparkly headband

If your hair’s looking a little flat or not quite doing what you want it to, skip the extreme makeover and add a headband for a little extra flash. Give the typical ponytail or messy bun a rest. If you really can’t resist, adding a headband to a ponytail is an easy way to go from sloppy to stylish. This tiny adjustment changes your whole look and is instantly trendier.

“Headbands are an easy alternative,” senior Kat Clark says. “I still look put together, but if I’m running late, I don’t have to spend as much effort on my hair. Also, I don’t really like to dress up for class, but a headband makes the whole entire outfit look dressier and put together.”

A dust of light blush

Nothing is worse than showing up to your 8 a.m. with a full face of makeup. This means one of two things: you haven’t washed it off from the night out before, or you spent 45 minutes of precious sleep caking it on. However, you don’t necessarily have to go au natural either. Try applying a light blush to the cheekbones and adding moonlight-colored eye shadow with a hint of shimmer. This will brighten up your face with a daytime look and add a little spring color. All the while, you’ll be avoiding that orange “glow” (i.e. Snooki, Jersey Shore) that unfortunately we spot all too often in winter. If you want to skip the blush, applying a quick coat of mascara does wonders for the eyes.

“I’ll only put on cover-up under my eyes, and I’ll wear mascara if I’m doing no makeup that day,” sophomore Jamie Hausman says. “That’s what I wear because it opens up your eyes; it just makes you look more awake.”

T-shirt + Scarf = Love

Maybe you hit snooze one too many times on the alarm and are rushing out the door with no time to spare. You’re too worried about remembering all of your books, let alone picking out a cute outfit. The simple addition of a scarf is ideal for comfort and can spice up any old T-shirt. They come in all different colors and patterns, so you’ll definitely find a scarf that will match anything in your closet. Pair this with some cute skinny jeans and a cardigan to add another layer. In less than five minutes, you’re good to go.

“I have long days on campus, but just wearing a basic top and adding a quick and comfortable accessory like a scarf makes me feel a lot more put together and ready for the day,” junior Lexi Perconti says.

Tinted Chapstick

Most girls swipe on some Chapstick in the morning anyway, so give the tinted ones a try. The subtle shade of cranberry or pomegranate is perfect for the winter mornings and is just the right amount of color. Nothing is better than lipstick in a casual disguise. This immediately brightens your face and is the perfect quick trick before running off to class.

“It gives you a little extra color on your lips, and it doesn’t have the consistency of lipstick, so it doesn’t get all over your freshly brushed teeth,” sophomore Kelsey McCole says. “And it smells really good; I like the pomegranate one.”

Hair twist or braid

Instead of whipping your bangs back with a few bobby pins, twist them along the side of your head or go for the classic headband braid. A twist is fast and easy and gives the illusion that you did your hair early in the morning. A braid takes a little more work, but don’t worry about redoing it to get the perfect one. Messy braids are seen all over Hollywood and are perfect for early class, work or a night out with friends. Scrunch in some product for curly or wavy hair, and you’re in business.

“There are some mornings where you just wake up with really bad bangs, and the only solution is to twist and put them up,” sophomore Bre Eller says. “It cures bedhead, and it is a five-second updo while I’m running out the door. It pulls the hair out of my face.”

You can also consider these additional quick go-to's when you're in a morning rush:
A cute pair of earrings
A splash of perfume
A hint of bronzer
A pair of cute boots (instead of Uggs)
A hair bow or barrette