Sam Kramer

This week's cutie is a Missouri native with a passion for the USA. Read more about Sam Kramer!
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Year in school: Freshman
Major: Criminology
Relationship status: Single
Campus Involvement: Marine NROTC
Why did you choose Mizzou?: Best school around.
Turn-ons: Smart, easy to talk to, and adventurous.
Turn-offs: If a girl is glued to her phone, wears way too much makeup, or has bad taste in music.
Favorite movie: Cool Hand Luke
Favorite book: The original Huckleberry Finn (I was born and raised in Missouri so I obviously gotta love Mark Twain).
Ideal first date: Anywhere, honestly, as long as we're both having a good time.
Most embarrassing moment: I farted in front of my crush in the fourth grade and then blamed it on her.
Favorite pick-up line: Are you religious? Because you're the answer to my prayers.
Celebrity crush: Jennifer Anniston (age is just a number babe).
Fun/unique fact about yourself: I'm an expert at balancing things with my hands.
If you could trade lives with anyone - who? and why?: Kanye, with all the crazy stuff he says/does, and he still gets away with it, that's dope.
Where you see yourself in 10 years: An officer in the Marine Corps flying jets for the greatest country in the world!
What's been your favorite part about college so far? Definitely meeting a ton of new people and expanding friend groups. There are a lot of great diverse people here so it's always a lot of fun.