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Relationship Advice As Told By ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Running nine seasons, “How I Met Your Mother” has made a place in our hearts. It’s taken us on an emotional rollercoaster through the lives of Lily, Marshall, Ted, Robin and Barney. Throughout the course of nine seasons, they taught us a lot about the uselessness of cars, how you should put up your Christmas decorations, and they taught us a lot about love. We’ve condensed the show’s lessons about love into a few pieces of advice on relationships.

Make doing things for one another a joy, not a chore. For those who saw the last season, Marshall ultimately compromises his chance to become a judge and instead helps Lily pursue her dream to sell art in Italy. This isn’t the only time the couple has done things for each other. They’re the power duo that keeps the show together by displaying their love since 1996.

Sometimes you have to take chances, because it could be something beautiful. All of the couples on “HIMYM” got together by putting themselves out there. Lily went to Marshall’s room to ask him to help her fix her speakers. Barney fearlessly admitted to Robin he was in love with her and vice-versa. Ted finally lets fate control his love life and eventually he finds the one.

Don’t lie to someone you love, it’ll back fire on you. Lily lies to Marshall about her art fellowship in San Francisco, so when she figures out that she needs to do it and calls of the wedding it breaks the both of them.

Don’t change for the person you want to be with. Barney did so many schemes to get girls to sleep with him by changing his identity. He doesn’t realize until later on that Robin loves him just the way he is.

If something really doesn’t work, don’t keep trying to fix it. When Barney and Robin first start to date, they’re toxic for each other. While dating, Barney gains a profuse amount of weight and Robin just lets herself go. They needed to break up before they would be ready for each other later on in life.

Sometimes you have to do cute gestures for the one you love. Ted decides to famously steal the blue French horn for Robin. Even though they don’t end up together, he opens up her heart to love which leads her to eventually find that with Barney.

It’s important to be honest with your feelings. Robin and Barney took so long to admit to each other that they loved one another. It wasn’t until Barney’s last play, which was his proposal to Robin, that he admitted how much he loved her and how much he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Don’t constantly search for love. Whenever you look for love, it’s hard to find. It took Ted years to find her because he was looking too hard.

Don’t change your standards for your future partner. Ted thought he had impossible standards, but when he did compromise them it ended badly. He eventually found the right one and it was everything he could ever have wanted in a wife.

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