Reasons Why "The Good Doctor" is Unlike Most Medical Dramas

The Season 2 premiere of "The Good Doctor" happened on Monday, September 24, and there is something special about this particular series. The biggest and most obvious reason is the star of the show: Dr. Shaun Murphy.

Most of the time we don't see shows involving people with disabilities, let alone seeing them as the protagonist throughout the series. Even if it is unrealistic to believe that a person who has autism can be a surgeon at a prestigious hospital, that doesn't take away from the significance of the series. Sometimes entertainment TV is there not just to tell a story but also to bring hope into the lives of those who need it most.




Now most of the time doctors and nurses admit that medical dramas don't accurately represent what happens in hospitals, but everyone still loved "Grey's Anatomy" throughout the years. The difference between "Grey's Anatomy" and "The Good Doctor" is that one explores a new aspect that does not come up in television very often.

"The Good Doctor" teaches lessons in social skills that most people don't even stop and think about in their daily lives. Not only does Shaun learn how to better interact with the people around him, but his co-workers learn how to give someone a chance to prove what he is capable of. 




People are sometimes quick to judge or assume that a disability defines a person, but this series reveals how there is so much more to each and every person no matter what challenges life brings.

The relationships that Shaun made in the first series were special and caught people by surprise. Even those who seemed to be against Shaun found that he had found a way into their hearts when they least expected it.



Freddie Highmore does an amazing job playing the part of Dr. Shaun Murphy and is sure to continue going above and beyond expectations in the years to come.

Watch "The Good Doctor" air on Mondays at 10/9c on ABC, or on Hulu where the episodes are released the following day.