Quick Holiday Party Outfits

The end of the semester is approaching and that means lots of holiday parties. An ugly christmas sweater is a go-to look, but if you don’t have one, there’s plenty of other outfits you can throw together.

DIY Ugly Sweater

(source: Pinterest)

Take any sweater you already have and add some tinsel to it or glue on anything Christmas-y laying around. Even sticking candy canes on your sweater would get the job done.


(Source: Pinterest)

Stand out by going as a Reindeer instead of conforming to the ugly sweater theme. You can buy some antlers and just paint your nose red.

Wrapping Paper

(Source: Pinterest)

Wrapping paper is your friend and your wallet’s friend. Wrap yourself in wrapping paper and add some festive bows to be a head-turner.

Light it Up

(Source: Pinterest)

Another easy ensemble to put together would just be laying some lights over your outfit. Wear a cute going out dress and add some string lights to really make yourself pop.