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Our 5 Fav Disney Star Transformations

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

Who can forget our favorite Disney channel shows and movies? Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, That’s So Raven or Wizards of Waverly Place? It’s no doubt that us 90s kids had the best Disney channel shows to grow up with. Now, our favorite kid actors and actresses are all grown up. Her Campus has put together a list of the five best Disney channel transformations.

Hilary Duff

Who knew our favorite clumsy Disney star would end up being a mature young mom? Not to mention, she and her hockey player husband have created possibly the most adorable baby boy on Earth. She has endured a successful marriage thus far and has managed to steer clear of the spotlight to focus on her family. She has stayed classy and grounded her entire career despite her fellow Disney friends’ slip-ups (cough, Lindsay Lohan). If you didn’t love Hilary Duff back in the day, follow this star on Instagram and you’re sure to fall in love with her now.


Zac Efron

Zac first emerged as a star in Disney’s High-School Musical and unlike his co-stars, Efron has managed to score roles in sophisticated movies surrounded by other A-list actors and actresses. Not only has he increased his credibility in the film industry, he also has gotten better looking with age as one of Hollywood’s sexiest men.. I think we can all agree on that one.


Miley Cyrus

Love her or hate her, Miley Cyrus is one of the most sought after stars in Hollywood, and it all began as innocent Hannah Montana. Everyone in the world watched her grow up, and despite her bong videos and scandalous rumors, Miley is a hard-working, fairly level-headed starlet who will only get more powerful with age. And it’s safe to say that every young girl in America wishes they could be the fiancé of Liam Hemsworth.


Shia LaBoeuf

In recent years, Shia has slipped somewhat under the radar but as a post-Disney channel star, Shia has attained a level of fame much higher than any of his Even Steven’s co-stars. Although for the better part of his teen years, Shia was known as the goofy neighbor boy, his various roles in dramatic movies proved that he could act across the board. He’s deserving of a spot on the best Disney transformation list.


Selena Gomez

Last but not least, Selena Gomez. She’s come a long way since her Disney channel days, traveling the world and dating the century’s teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber. Selena has managed to keep her image classy and clean. She has maintained Disney friendships and is always photographed smiling. Unlike past Disney flops, Selena’s Disney days was the perfect jumping off point for her future in music and acting. We cannot wait to see what her next move is!


I don’t know about any of you, but it’s pretty relieving to see our favorite Disney stars grow into grounded celebrities. With so many Hollywood stars checking into rehab or going to jail every other week, it restores our hope in humanity to see not all of Hollywood is helplessly flawed


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Brooke Hofer is a senior at the University of Missouri. She is majoring in Strategic Communications through the School of Journalism while also pursuing minors in Classics, Psychology and a general Honors degree. In addition to writing for Her Campus, Brooke is an active member of Kappa Delta Sorority (Epsilon Iota chapter), Vice President of Sigma Alpha Pi, and she is a barista in the Columbia, Missouri area. Brooke loves working out, writing short stories, reading old books, and spending time with her family and friends in Kansas City. She hopes to eventually travel the world while working in the advertising or public relations industry.