Opinion: Who's the Best Kardashian?

Writing this article was harder than any 10 page research paper I have ever written. Picking a favorite Kardashian is similar to picking study snacks. Eventually you get the peanut butter M&Ms, Ruffles, and the sour gummy worms. But I was determined to finish this one out. I owed it to the “First Family” to make a decision. Kim is obviously the most successful to date with the biggest worldwide fan base, but Kourtney handles being a mother of three and reality show demands (while I can barely make it to every class in a week). Khloe is by far the funniest, and has also shown us her stronger side. The Jenner sisters have taken the world by storm, landing fashion campaigns and appearances left and right. Hell, they both own their own million dollar homes while I’m scraping the floor of my car for enough change to go out to a shitty bar.

I texted all of my die hard KUWTK friends, and my sister and I had a twenty minute phone call debating the sisters (sorry Rob, but after all this Blac Chyna nonsense you weren’t even in the race). Finally, it was decided.

The favorite Kardashian has to be….


She has some of the best lines on the show:

She’s let fans into some of the most personal moments of her life: 

With her new show, Kocktails with Khloe, she’s making big strides for herself. 

She also recently published a book “Strong Looks Better Naked” and I don’t think there’s any stopping her. She’s motivated and motivating – the perfect combo for fans as well as for self-achievement.

She’s been the most open and honest about everything since the early days of KUWTK, whether it's serious or not.

And she’s always been there to put the rest of the family members in their place.

Overall, Khloe Kardashian may be the favorite, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love the entire fam.