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“New Girl” is currently airing its final eight episodes, putting an end to the loft gang’s shenanigans forever. With seven seasons under its belt, this show has given us many moments to remember. Here’s a walk down memory lane to reminisce about the reasons “New Girl” was such a gem to television. 

Schmidt’s Antics

Let’s admit it, if we knew Schmidt in real life we would hate him. His obnoxious personality may be tough to handle, but it offers a lot of hilarious quotes. One of the best Schmidt moments is in season one’s “Cece Crashes.” He insists on wearing his “leisure kimono” around the loft, which loses some respect from Winston and Nick. He tended to do ridiculous things throughout the entirety of the show, which resulted in this next reason.

The Douchebag Jar

The Douchebag Jar is an iconic symbol of “New Girl.” In an attempt to correct Schmidt’s behavior, he was required to put a dollar in this jar whenever he said or did anything a douchebag would do. The jar was not very effective, though; most of the time, Schmidt was proud of his actions. By season five, Schmidt was beginning to evolve into a decent man. The jar was smashed at the wedding ceremony of Schmidt and Cece, ending the legacy of the Douchebag Jar.

The Prince Episode

Photo Source: Vanity Fair

To many of the cast members’ surprise, Prince was a massive “New Girl” fan. After this discovery, it was no question that they had to create an episode revolving around the legendary musician. In season three’s “Prince,” Jess and Cece are invited to Prince’s party after meeting his manager. After an awkward encounter with her boyfriend Nick, Jess seeks relationship advice from Prince himself. One reason why this episode is one of the best in the series, and on television, is the absurdity of Prince’s involvement in the show. The collaboration of two wonderful things made for a memorable episode. It even ends with Prince and Zooey Deschanel singing together — what’s better than that?

True American

Photo Source: ew.com

The loft gang is the friend group you wish you had for many reasons. One of which is their ability to create the best and most confusing drinking game ever. The only thing we know for sure about True American is that it involves more than enough beer, and you shout “FDR, JFK” a lot. The game makes an appearance in several episodes as an ice-breaker for new guests, a bonding activity or just a way to waste time. With a set of very unclear rules, the outcome is never predictable. Lamorne Morris, who plays the prankster and cat-lover Winston, gave some helpful advice: “the first person to get drunk wins.”

The Cooler Kiss

Photo Source: TV.com

In season two’s “Cooler,” one of the most anticipated kisses in television graced our screens. For most of “New Girl,” Nick and Jess were the classic “will they or won’t they” couple. After a game of True American, Nick and Jess were dared to kiss each other in order to continue the game. This would have been simple if they didn’t secretly have feelings for each other. Nick refuses to follow through with the dare, but at the end of the episode, he musters the courage to show Jess how he truly feels. Even though she had a boyfriend at the time, audiences rejoiced at the thought of Nick and Jess finally being a couple. While they had ups and downs throughout the show, their relationship is one of the main reasons why “New Girl” is so special.

The final season of “New Girl” is airing now on Fox, Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30 central.

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