My Top 10 Favorite Games to Play with my Friends this Month

Here are the top 10 games I have loved playing with my friends this month. Included are card games, board games and games that you don’t need anything to play. These are not in any particular order, and I equally recommend them all!

  1. 1. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

    This game is super fun and you can play with a big group or small group of people. It brings tons of laughs and it is really easy to learn. It has quickly become all of my friends and my favorite game. There are different cards in the stack, such as taco, cat, goat, cheese and pizza cards, as the title implies, but there is also a gorilla, narwhal and groundhog card. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards. Everyone goes in a circle, discarding one card at a time while saying taco, cat, goat, cheese or pizza (in that order) while discarding. If what you say and the card matches, everyone slaps the deck. The last person to slap the deck takes all the cards and you start again. 

    These next cards are where it gets fun (and funny), if a groundhog card is put down you have to hit the ground, then the stack of cards. If the gorilla card gets put down then you bang your chest and then hit the cards. If the narwhal card gets put down then you make a horn on top of your head and then slap the cards. This is where my friends and I laugh the most, because we will do the wrong motion or just completely blank and not do it. Sometimes we will make funny noises when we realize we did the wrong thing. We could play this game for hours on end. 

  2. 2. Blockbuster

    This nods to the blockbusters that we have lost. This game is a mix of movie trivia, charades, quotes and a guessing game. The game comes with a cute parking lot-looking board with its own little blockbuster sign and a timer. This game is played in two teams and starts with a head-to-head. One player from each team will take turns saying a movie that fits a certain category and the first to not think of one in the allotted time loses, and the winner gets to pick six movie cards, choosing three to keep and three to give to the other team. 

    The players choose how they want their teammates to guess the movie. They can do one charades card, one quote-it card and one one-word card. Then you get your team to guess the card in the allotted time, and if you finish all of yours you can steal one from the other team. The game ends when you get a movie from each of the categories. If you get three of one category you can steal a card from the other team. 

    This game can be fun, too, with acting out ridiculous charades and quoting some crazy movies. My friends and I made a house rule that for the “quote-it” round you can say anything as long as it isn’t the title, because we were struggling to think of actual quotes. For example, for "Sleeping Beauty," we could say, “Oh no! I pricked my finger and now I am asleep until I get a kiss.” I also bought the second version, Blockbuster Returns, that has different categories for my friends. 

  3. 3. Can of Squirms

    This game is so entertaining, but it has also started fights in my friend group over some answers. Can of Squirms is played in teams of two, and you get asked a question and write which group member is the better answer on a mini whiteboard. If you and your partner both put the same name then your team gets a point. This game is definitely not family-friendly, with questions ranging from who can pee the farthest to who is more likely to have sexual thoughts about someone in the group. 

    My friends and I have sat and gone through every question in the deck and had a lot of laughs. Some of our favorite questions were: 

    - Who would get the most laughs at open mic night?

    - Who’s the biggest dickhead?

    - Who would have most people at their funeral?

  4. 4. Uno

    This game is a classic and still one of my favorites to play. This is a game that you can play with anyone almost anywhere. If you are bored of the normal game you can add your own rules and get new fun decks. One of my favorite added rules is stacking +2 cards. I think this is funny because then you can make someone draw eight+ cards at once. 

  5. 5. What Do You Meme

    This game is very similar to Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity but with memes. They have a lot of expansion packs with added memes and ones related to your favorite movies and TV shows. I like this game because of all the funny and sometimes cringy-looking memes in the deck. 

  6. 6. Sick & Twisted Charades

    This game is just wild. It is a mix between charades and dodgeball. You play in two teams and draw charades cards, and when you run out of time you can keep going as long as you don’t get hit by the dodgeball. Some of the charades cards have twisted logos on them, and if you get that card then you get a twisted card which you can use during the game to sabotage the other team. Some of the sabotages are that you have to have a hand on the wall the whole time or you have to be on your knees the whole round. 

    This game is funny because the charades are wild and sometimes sick and twisted, as the name implies. This game is definitely not family-friendly with some of the charade cards being “walk of shame,” “cougar” and “glory hole,” but it is tons of fun to try and watch your friends try to act these out. This game is guaranteed to bring lots of laughs. 

  7. 7. Skip-Bo

    This game isn’t new, but it is new to me. My friend recently showed me this game that she grew up playing. It is very similar to Speed, but it has wild cards and is based more on a turn-by-turn basis. This game is a mix of luck and strategy, where the goal is to get rid of all your cards by putting them in stacks that count up. 

    This game takes some time to understand with the discard pile, the counting piles and the pile you are trying to get all the cards from. Once you get the hang of it the game seems like second nature. This game can have super short or super long rounds; it just depends on how your hand is. 

  8. 8. Avocado Smash

    This game is very similar to Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. In this game, your goal is to get rid of all your cards. Each card has a number on it from one to 15, and you count when you put each card down. If the card matches the number you say then you slap or “smash” the cards. Your goal is to get rid of all your cards so the last person to “smash” takes all the cards. There is also a smash card, so if it gets put down everyone slaps no matter what number was called. A guacamole card is also included, so if it gets put down you don’t smash and instead shout "Guacamole!" The last person to say "guacamole" or if anyone smashes the cards they take the whole stack. 

    This game is fun because it can also cause a little chaos and confusion, which is fun to laugh at. I enjoy this game a lot and recommend it to everyone. Especially because the cards are super cute!

  9. 9. Extreme Spoons

    If you have played regular spoons this game is very similar, except you choose someone to hide the spoons. This game is normally very chaotic and very funny. Everyone closes their eyes and someone hides the spoons around the room (one less than the number of players) then you play spoons as usual and then when someone gets all four of the same cards it gets chaotic as everyone runs around the room looking for the spoons. 

    I always recommend this game, because it is a new twist on a classic game that anyone can enjoy. This is a game you can play with your friends or your family and have a good time.

  10. 10. Paranoia 

    This game requires only a group of people and some kind of thing to make a random decision. It can be anything from a coin, a flip flop or just asking Siri. Everyone sits in a circle and you whisper a question to the person next to you. They answer out loud. The question is something along the lines of, “who…” and the answer must be someone in the circle. Then you decide head or tails, or even or odd or something, and if it is what you choose then they say the question out loud. If not then you don’t say anything and just keep going. There is no winning or losing it just for laughs and fun. 

These are just some of my favorite games, and there are so many out there that you can have tons of fun playing with your friends and family!