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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Other Women in Your Life

Whether you have an aunt, grandma or another motherly figure close to you, Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate women and show how thankful you are. This list provides some ideas for other women in your life, that might not be your mom, but are just as near and dear to your heart. 

Plantable Greeting Card (Shop Here) - $5

After reading this card, your grandma, aunt or any important woman in your life will be able to bury the paper into the soil, because imbedded into the card are seeds that will grow if watered.

Fresh Flowers (Shop Here) - prices vary  

Ordering flowers is the perfect way to show love from afar. You can order any size bouquet and have to deliver it to your loved one to make her day. 

Gourmet Fudge Cookies Gift (Shop Here) - $23.99

This is not your regular box of assorted treats. These are gourmet Belgium chocolate covered cookies. Each cookie is individually wrapped to ensure freshness and cleanliness. The next-level packaging itself is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 

Perfume Subscription from Scentbird (Shop Here) - $14.95/month

Gifting this subscription is perfect for the person that doesn’t have a signature scent and loves to switch it up. They can pick a scent and receive their fragrances, and the subscription comes with sleek bottles that can be reused with each new order.

Flip Flops (Shop Here) - $49

With summer just around the corner, it is important to have a reliable pair of shoes at hand. These flip flops are simple, yet stylish. The small heel will give a little height and the straps are fashionable, but also provide extra support.

Olivia Burton Watch (Shop Here) - $50

This watch is perfect for any woman who values functionality and style. This watch has a candy pink vegan leather strap, a floral dial and round gold-tone stainless steel case that is 30mm. 

Aunt 'Trusting Guide' Charm Bangle (Shop Here) - $29

This expandable wire bracelet comes in two finishes: shiny antique silver and shiny antique gold. On one side of the charm it says, “Aunt” and on the other it says, “A trusting guide, forever by my side.”

Coolife Wine Tumbler (Shop Here) - $18.99

This is the best gift for the cool aunt in your family. This adorable tumbler is a cute color and has a hilarious statement on the front. It can carry 12 fluid ounces, will keep and drink cool and is a great size to hold and carry. 

Photo Holder for Grandma (Shop Here) - $16.99

This is the perfect decoration for any room in grandma’s house. This photo holder comes with eight wooden clips to hang her favorite pictures of the family. The font is clear, readable and vivid. 

Generations Necklace (Shop Here) - $40.95

This sterling silver necklace has three connected loops that signify a grandmother, mother and granddaughter. The chain is silver and 19 inches long.   

My name is Julia Canellis. I am a journalism major at the University of Missouri with hopes of attending law school. I am from Chicago, Illinois and I love playing tennis and listening to podcasts in my free time. Email: Juliacanellis10@gmail.com
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