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Mizzou Missed Connections Offers Page for Anonymous Messages

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

The Instagram account @mizmissedconnections shares anonymous messages from Mizzou students about other students on campus.

It is a place to “anonymously submit (your) missed connections, compliments, things left unsaid, etc.”

Some name and compliment specific people, while others reveals hidden feelings about someone else. Sometimes vague, sometimes funny and all interesting to read, the messages try to connect people across campus.

The messages are collected through a Google form in the account’s bio.

The face behind the account is Caroline Elik, a Mizzou sophomore studying journalism with a minor in political science.

Elik started the account in early February after seeing a similar account at another university.

“I thought it would be a cute idea for Mizzou to have an account like that too, so Mizzou Missed Connections was born,” said Elik.

One of her favorite messages is a recent one that stated, “We were walking next to each other in Greek town, and you asked if I wanted to visit the future in your time machine but I only laughed because I thought it was a bad pick up line. But then as soon as I turned to ask your name you were gone. Starting to think you weren’t joking.”

Elik loves reading people’s messages, especially compliments about students working on campus.

“Running this account is so much fun and is a source of happiness for me each day!” said Elik. “I hope everyone who follows the account enjoys reading the submissions that I post just as much as I do!”

Cara is a Sophomore at Mizzou studying Journalism and Political Science with a minor in Peace Studies. She loves journaling, handwritten letters and nature. You can find her listening to indie or worship music and slam poetry. Cara is also a Cincinnati, Ohio native and lover of Skyline Chili and Greater's Ice Cream.
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