Meet The Staff: Erin Stark

This week, we continue our Meet The Staff edition of campus cutie! Erin Stark is a staff writer for Her Campus Mizzou who regularly contributes to the "Snapshot" section. She's a Missouri native, loves frequenting concerts and hopes to own a corgi some day! Read more about Erin.

Full name: Erin Stark

Year at Mizzou: Freshman 

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Major: Journalism  

Campus involvement: Her Campus Mizzou, Magazine Club

Relationship status: Single

Favorite Mizzou memory: Singing and playing guitar at Mizzou Idol.

Most embarrassing moment: I fell out of my bed once. Only my roommate and I were in the room, but it was still embarrassing.

First item on bucket list: Get on the roof of as many buildings as possible.

Celebrity crush: Childish Gambino

Favorite fictional character: Sherlock Holmes

Ideal date: Coffee at a cool coffee shop and urban exploring. 

Turn ons: Humor and wit. 

Turn offs: Stepping on legos.

One thing you wish to accomplish this year: Adopt a normal sleep schedule.

Where you see yourself 10 years from now? Living in a big city with a corgi and working somewhere I love.