Meet The Staff: Erika Navarrete

Meet staff writer Erika Navarrete! She's the latest campus cutie for our "Meet The Staff" edition. Erika is a Chicago native (and Blackhawks fan!) and is marjoring in economics and political science. Her ideal date? A picnic! Read on to find out more about Erika.

Full name: Erika Navarrete

Year at Mizzou: Sophomore

Hometown: Chicago, IL (Yes, I LOVE the Blackhawks.)

Major: Economics & political science

Campus involvement: Her Campus Mizzou. S.T.A.R.S, Sigma Omega Sigma, Chronic Mizzou, Sigma Phi Lambda

Relationship status: Single

Favorite Mizzou memory: Rushing the field fall of 2013 after we beat Texas A&M and kissing the 50 yard line.

Most embarrassing moment: I was running downtown and I'm not a coordinated person, so I managed to run into a parking meter... That was the third time running into an idle object.

First item on bucket list: Run a marathon.

Celebrity crush: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 

Favorite fictional character: Robin Scherbatsky ("How I Met Your Mother"). Her sassiness is lovely.

Ideal date: Having a picnic, something not too fancy.

Turn ons: "Star Wars" knowledge and cooking skills.

Turn offs: Lack of empathy towards others.

One thing you wish to accomplish this year: Learn how to balance passing classes and actually sleep 6+ hours a night.

Where you see yourself 10 years from now? Hopefully working in South America for a company like LOVE146 and married? And if I don't have a bassett hound by then, my life won't be complete.