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The Magical Dresses In The New ‘Cinderella’ Movie

The new “Cinderella” movie opened this week, and while we shamelessly drooled over Richard Madden as Prince Charming, we were also completely dazzled by the beautiful fashion. Lily James perfectly embodied one of the most famous Disney princesses to date, no more so than in her debut at the climactic royal ball. The blue gown is like a dream with the detailed shoulder design, drop-waist, full tulle skirt and — most notably — the magic of the sparkles and changing colors. 

And if there were a dress more fairytale-esque than the blue gown, it would be Cinderella’s wedding dress. With the sheer sleeves, deep cream color and the blue, pink and yellow details, the dress is picture perfect for a princess. Overall, the fashion in “Cinderella” — even the ensembles worn by other characters, both male and female — is one of the best components of the film, alongside the set design and performances by Lily James and Cate Blanchett. Check out the photos of some other notable outfits from the film:


Sarah Kloepple is a junior journalism student at Mizzou. She embraces her addiction to good television and the fact that she knows way too much movie trivia. Originally from St. Louis, Sarah loves spending time with family and friends and stopping frequently at any good frozen custard place (preferably Ted Drewe's). When she's not with her oldest friend Netflix, you can find her typing furiously on her computer somewhere or reading a good book outside. Follow her on Twitter: @skloep.
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