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Mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie Scott is senior in the journalism school and also the president of Mizzou’s female a cappella group, the Naturelles! They perform all over campus, events and you’ve even probably heard their voices in Memorial Union or out in Speaker’s Circle.

Her Campus Mizzou: So as the president of the Naturelles, what exactly do you do?

Mackenzie Scott: I schedule all of our performances, book our rehearsal rooms, help my music director to keep us on task during rehearsal. Recently we’ve added a few chair positions to help with additional responsibilities. I manage those roles and step in whenever anyone needs help. 

HCM: When you tried out for the Naturelles, what made you want to do it and what did you want to get out of it?

MS: I have always loved to sing and done choir all my life. Freshman year I was in choir class the first week of school. Within the first week the senior sitting next to me were getting along great and she me told me I should come to a cappella auditions that night for an all girls group. I had no idea what a cappella was but I knew it was signing so I thought why not! When I auditioned they tested my vocal range and we found out I could sing incredibly low! I had no idea I could do this and I became a bass for the group. I loved how my voice became an instrument instead of a solo voice, it was so different from any vocal performance I’d ever been in. That’s why I love collegiate a cappella, it’s mainstream music and your voice literally plays the part of an instrument. 

HCM: So last year for Her Campus Mizzou’s fashion show the Naturelles performed for us (which we loved!). What other kind of events do you guys perform for? 
MS: Generally, we perform for charity events and lots of women’s conferences. We host our own concerts at the end of the semester, sometimes with Add9, the all men’s a cappella group. However, our main event is  competing each year at the ICCA quarterfinal competition, like in “Pitch Perfect.” This semester we are excited to host Dinner With The Naturelles. It will be a dinner and a performance on Dec. 12.
HCM: If you could describe the Naturelles in one word, what would that be and why?
MS: Eclectic. From the moment I joined the Naturelles in 2011, I appreciated the variety of personalities that were in the group. There was no one type of girl. Everyone had their own aura and persona. Yet somehow, these different women all came together through song. When I took over the group as a sophomore I hoped to preserve that same kind of diversity. I guess you attract who you are because I feel we are still an incredibly diverse group of women who embrace each other’s differences and have a great time. 
HCM: What else are you involved in at campus? 
MS: I am the president of a health and wellness organization that I co-founded: Take Care Mizzou, formerly Anti-MU22. I play Quidditch, because I am a huge Potter nerd. I am a member of NABJ, National Association of Black Journalists.
HCM: What kind legacy do you hope to leave behind with the Naturelles? 
MS: I tell the girls all the time what a proud mama I am. That’s the sappy answer but it’s the truth. As president my goal was to set up a solid foundation for the group to continue to run efficiently for many years. We have come a long way in three years and I am sure that the next few will only be an improvement. Last year we elected a wonderful vice president, Brittany Wood. She is my right arm girl, helping me to balance everything through my busiest year yet. I am confident she will do a great job taking over the group after I graduate in May.
From chicago, Illinois she's finding that being a cubs fan is a rarity. After changing her major a dozen times she's decided on Special Education and Psychology.Her hobbies include; working on her book(if she ever finishes it)crafting, playing her violin, religiously watching reruns of How I met Your Mother and loving Phi Lamb
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