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Life-Changing, Acne-Fighting Products You Can Get on Amazon Prime

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

Let’s just say that Amazon has changed my life in many ways. Specifically, Amazon Prime. I’m sure all my fellow procrastinators can relate. What’s better than ordering something and having it arrive 2 days later? Not much. 

Amazon’s product selection is intense, and it can be stressful to narrow down your search when looking to purchase something. Here are three facial products that are must haves in your cosmetic collection that actually work and that won’t break the bank.

Trust me, these will save you when you need to get rid of that zit ASAP. Plus, they are all Prime items, so you can get them in a pinch.  

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing


As if the name doesn’t already make it convincing enough this face mask is truly life changing. If you’re anything like me, you spend an hour in the face mask aisle debating whether to get the “charcoal detoxifier” or the “dead sea mud mask”, all to use the face mask and end up not even seeing a difference in your skin. This mask, however, delivers amazing results that works to clear blemishes quickly. Just take a look at the reviews, and you’ll be sold. 

Lerosett Organic Acne Treatment


This product is from Sweden and comes in the form of a zit clay. It absorbs excessive oils and prevents future breakouts by ridding of existing impurities in the skin. Need to zap a zit overnight? This is your BFF. Simply put it on your problem areas and sleep with it overnight. It works like a charm. 

Tea Tree Oil


Tea Tree Oil is a great way to spot treat zits during the day without looking like a crazy person with dried white spots all over your face. Yeah, lets leave that for just the roommates to see. Tea Tree Oil is a clear oil that you can wear under your makeup, so you can still fight that stubborn zit through out the day. I like to dab it on my problem areas before I apply my makeup, and it works wonders. Tea Tree Oil works to dry out the skin and is very drying, so I recommend always moisturizing after applying it. 

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