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LeChae Mottley

Meet our campus celebrity this week, LeChae Mottley! She’s a senior from the Chicago suburbs, is the president of the Legion of Black Collegians. LeChae is also a journalism major, with an emphasis in strategic communications. Read more of her Q&A here!

Her Campus Mizzou: What is the Legion of Black Collegians? What is your mission? 

LeChae Mottley: LBC is the black student government on campus and the only one in the nation. In short, our mission is to uplift black students on campus. We advocate for black students, which is so important at a predominately white institution. We aim to be the voice of black students on campus and increase the cultural consciousness of all students at Mizzou.
HCM: What made you want to get involved in LBC?
​​LM: I got involved my freshman year and from there I found out more ways to get involved. I love what LBC stands for, so I knew that it would be a perfect fit for me.
HCM: What types of events does the LBC host?
LM: ​​We host a range of events throughout the year from educational to social. LBC Homecoming Week and Black Love Week are two weeks of programming that we have every year. Some of are staple events also include the Welcome Black BBQ, Hump Day and the LBC Finals Lock-In. This year, our Political Committee focused on events about issues in the black community, on campus and at large. Also, our Freshman Action Team hosts events that help get freshmen acquainted with campus. 

HCM: How would a student looking to get involved in LBC do so?

LM: The best way to get involved in LBC is to become a Senator and work with one of our committees. From there, you can get an idea of the work that we do and how you can contribute to it.
HCM: What is your favorite part about being involved in this organization?
LM: ​​I think my favorite part is being able to advocate for black students at Mizzou. There are several things that can make the racial climate on campus better. So when I get the chance to meet with different faculty and administration, I make sure that I’m advocating for people that aren’t in the room with me — current and future students.​


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