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Laura Ebone, Future Peace Corps Volunteer


Since she came to Mizzou, Laura Ebone has been involved in an incredible amount of activities.  From helping out with Dance Marathon to co-coordinating Tiger Tailgate Recycling with Sustain Mizzou, Laura has actively made campus a better place.  This coming fall, the Biology and Health Sciences major will volunteer with the Peace Corps and begin realizing her dream of helping communities worldwide through public health advocacy.  In short, there’s a good chance that Laura Ebone will save the world. 

Her Campus Mizzou: You’re involved in so many campus activities- how do you keep everything balanced?

Laura Ebone: I guess I don’t sleep very much!  Being involved [in an activity] is the time when I’m feeling the greatest and most fulfilled.


HCM: What are your goals after college?

LE: Originally I wanted to get involved in Doctors Without Borders but realized I didn’t want to wait six to ten years getting a medical degree to become involved in the international scene.  I’m interested in public health- we’ll see where that takes me.  I want to help communities because I’m a people-person. 


HCM: You recently applied to and were accepted in the Peace Corps.  What was the application process like?

LE: Last winter break I did public health advocacy work and taught English to children in the Dominican Republic.  That experience, in addition to working intensely on applying to various fellowships, gave me a good grasp on what my mission was.  I was able to get the application together within a couple of days and interview within the next month or so.


HCM: In the Peace Corps, can you decide where to go?

LE: You cannot specifically say where you want to go; it’s necessary to be flexible.  If they tried to accommodate everyone’s requests it would take forever to get placed.  I originally wanted to go to Africa but have become interested in South and Central America because of my experience in the Dominican Republic.  I trust that the Peace Corps will not send me to someplace unsafe or will pull me out if things get dangerous.


HCM: The Peace Corps puts people in charge of community service projects around the world.  What will you be doing?

LE: I will be teaching science, possibly to little kids and that’s all I know so far.  I’m just looking for my next big adventure. 

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