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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes that Anyone Can Recreate

Halloween is coming up fast, and between busy class schedules and a lack of inspiration, many of us still have nothing to wear this weekend. Amazon and other online retailers can be unreliable when it comes to shipping times, and Halloween stores often tend to sell overpriced costumes. Whether it’s just for a party or to take pictures, these six Halloween costumes are quick, easy and won’t break the bank. 

1. Zombie Bride

Want to look cute and gory at the same time? Take a pair of scissors and some fake blood and go to town on a white tank top and tutu. Pair it with an inexpensive bachelorette veil and ta-da, you’ve got yourself a costume. All you need now is to find a mister to your missus. 

2. Fairy 

If you’ve been on TikTok within the last month, you’ve probably seen this cute and popular costume all over your For You Page. Pair any summery dress you own with some fairy wings, and you’ll be straight out of Neverland. 

3. Britney Spears 

Did you attend a private high school? Repurpose the old uniform by going as pop icon Britney Spears. Write out #FreeBritney on your arm or on a piece of cardboard for a more current twist on an iconic costume 

4. LBD anything 

Everyone owns a little black dress or an all-black outfit. For an easy costume, head over to a Halloween store and pick up a witch hat, vampire teeth or a pair of butterfly wings. One dress, and so many possibilities. 

5. Royalty

Need an excuse to rewear that fancy outfit you bought, but that you only wore once? Buy a plastic crown and over-the-top jewelry from Claire’s, and you’ll look like you’re coming straight from Buckingham Palace.

6. Makeup is your best friend 

Not feeling like dressing up this year? There are lots you can do with just a little makeup. You can create pumpkins, skeletons, a scary clown, possessed person, spiders and so much more. Get creative with the looks and try out whatever works for you.

Mara Dumitru

Mizzou '24

Mara Dumitru is a magazine journalism student from San Fransisco, CA. You can find her enjoying an iced coffee and a good book on Mizzou's quad during her free time.
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