Lana Del Rey Releases New "Love" Music Video

Earlier this week, Lana Del Rey released a new music video to accompany her track, "Love." The song is what you'd expect from the talented singer: a repertoire of mellow tunes and lyrics about youth and love.

The video begins in black and white with Del Rey on a stage singing calmly into a microphone. She sways back and forth in a long-sleeved lace dress with ruffled cuffs, and her hair is accessorized with flowers placed throughout it. It's a look somewhat reminiscent of the '50s and '60s but with a modern spin. 

The video cuts to clips of different couples hanging out and being all cutesy-cutesy. They're dressed in vintage clothing and gear while taking Instagram-worthy photos of them relaxing at a coffee shop, which again shows the intermeshing between old and new. We get more shots of the youngsters strolling on the beach and a boardwalk before suddenly being transported into an intergalactic dream-like place where the teens and their vintage cars are slowly wafting in space. They land on another planet where the water looks fresh and the sky comprises of cool dark green, blue and purple hues. Del Rey, too, is suddenly on a different planet, still singing.

As she chants, "Don't worry, baby," a couple floating together in space reach out to each other, pull each other in and begin to kiss. Love is a topic that Del Rey knows how to beautifully and eloquently sing about in the most enchanting way. Here, we see that young love can take you to a totally different place where you don't have to worry about the responsibilities of adulthood or have any cares of the real world. You're focused on your significant other, enjoying every second of being young and in love for as long as it lasts.