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KKW Fragrance Kimoji Hearts Make Valentine’s Day Come Early

When considering who to give a gift to this Valentine’s Day, the people that usually come to mind are significant others or best friends. This holiday season, Kim Kardashian had something else in mind. The KKW Fragrance Kimoji Heart boxes are making their way to several A-list celebrities this week; some are Kim’s besties, others are her “haters.”

Source: Fragrantica

The three signature KKW fragrances each have different labels: Bae, BFF and Ride or Die. To celebrate their release, Kim Kardashian sent celebrities press release boxes with a giant chocolate heart and a hammer. The celebrities used the hammer to smash open the heart, revealing the perfectly packaged fragrance.

This has been quite the spectacle, as most have posted videos and pictures of Kim’s Valentine’s Day surprise. Chrissy Teigen and her daughter Luna were excited to open their BFF chocolate heart.

Paris Hilton posed for a picture with her BAE chocolate heart before smashing it open.

Of course the Kardashian family received chocolate hearts of their own. Khloe Kardashian was excited to receive her Ride or Die fragrance.

Source: Daily Mail

Kim didn’t leave anyone out this Valentine’s Day, making sure to send these hearts to some of her enemies as well. She posted a picture of a list of celebrities the hearts were being sent to, with Post-It notes for people like Taylor Swift and Blac Chyna. Even Piers Morgan was lucky enough to land a spot on the list.

While celebrities have shown their excitement for these fragrances, the Internet is not as pleased. People who ordered the KKW perfumes online were upset to find that the chocolate heart and hammer were not included. With a total cost of $30 per bottle, perhaps the public shouldn’t have been shocked to find out Kim did not send them a gigantic heart.

The KKW Fragrance Kimoji Hearts are currently sold out. For more information, go to the KKW Fragrance website.

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