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Kelsey Kupferer

This week our campus celeb is Kelsey Kupferer, a graduate assistant for Mizzou Alternative Breaks! Kupferer is a second year graduate student in the Master of Public Affairs program with an emphasis in Nonprofit Management. Kupferer is originally from Columbia, MO and also attended Mizzou for undergrad. 
Her Campus Mizzou: What is your role in Mizzou Alternative Breaks? How long have you been involved in MAB?
Kelsey Kupferer: I am one of three graduate assistants for Mizzou Alternative Breaks. I advise the Thanksgiving Break and weekend service trips. I’ve been involved with Mizzou Alternative Breaks since I was a second year undergraduate student, so this is my fifth year with the program. 
HCM: Why did you decide to get involved in MAB?
KK: I honestly don’t remember how I found out about the program. I applied on a whim because I thought it sounded kind of cool. I definitely didn’t know it was going to be such a big part of my Mizzou experience at the time.  
HCM: What’s your favorite memory from MAB?
KK: My first experience with MAB was in 2012 as a participant. One night on our trip, my site leader (and now dear friend) Jesse Day asked us all to share a story that defined us. The stories the group shared have stuck with me since that night. When I became a site leader, I did the same thing with my trip. The coolest thing about being with MAB for such a long time is being able to see, very clearly, how small things one site leader does become adopted by others, and eventually permeate the whole organization. We have traditions that are the result of one person doing something really cool and other people catching on. The growth and success of MAB has been entirely driven by dedicated, kind, creative people. 
HCM: What other organizations are/were you involved with at Mizzou?
KK: In undergrad I was mainly involved with Mizzou Alternative Breaks and Diversity Peer Educators. In grad school I’ve been mainly involved with Mizzou Alternative Breaks and Venture Out. I’m also the co-director of Making Waves Youth Radio Initiative, a radio journalism program for teens, which you can check out at makingwavescomo.org.
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