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Kansas City: February’s Hotspot for Celebration or COVID?

With another Super Bowl trip secured, the Chiefs are hoping to be back-to-back champions. As exciting as that would be, there is the huge risk of excessive celebration before, during and after the game.

Looking back to last year, the Super Bowl was one of the last celebrations we had before the pandemic. KC Power and Light district was the busiest it has ever been, because of the 50 year gap between the Chiefs’ trips to the Super Bowl. With everyone’s favorite QB and TE duo, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, tens of thousands of people visited KC to celebrate. 

This year things have already been different for the world of sports, the biggest change involving limiting fans in stadiums and arenas. Already this season there have been plenty of articles reporting gatherings all around KC. With bars and restaurants being open, many people are going out to watch games and meet up with friends. Of course, everyone wants to be apart of that group atmosphere on game day, but to what extent?

Now with an opportunity at another Super Bowl victory, there is the chance that there will be another parade and celebration following the Chiefs’ return. Though the chance is minimal, since some local leaders have already shut down the idea of any official celebrations, which might allow for a smaller rise in cases. 

With the pandemic in mind, Super Bowl Sunday can be celebrated at home with great game day snacks. With new technology we have all adapted to in the past year, group watch parties can also take place virtually to help you feel like you are in a group setting, or, weather permitting, you could invite a small group over for a backyard viewing. There are plenty of ways to watch the game with friends while still following COVID guidelines and keeping yourself safe.

While the Chiefs being in their second Super Bowl in two years is a big deal, the pandemic we are currently living in is an even bigger issue. Game day can still be fun from the comfort of your home. With so many alternative ideas to celebrating Super Bowl Sunday, you shouldn’t have to worry about feeling left out or possibly being exposed to COVID-19 because of other people’s decisions. Make your game day experience as safe and fun as possible, and go Chiefs!

Trinidy is a Senior at Mizzou studying Journalism and German. She loves journaling, cooking, and traveling. Trinidy has a terrible coffee and ice cream addictions, but it could be worse!
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