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Jacquelinne Mejia ’11

Collegiettes™, meet Jackie Mejia! “Jackie always has a smile on her face and brightens your day,” says her Campus Cutie nominator. A native of sunny Los Angeles, Jackie shines both in the classroom and on the Faurot football field; she recently represented the Hispanic-American Leadership Organization as one of this year’s Homecoming Top 10 Royalty.

Major: Journalism with a business minor
Hometown: Los Angeles
Campus involvement: Hispanic-American Leadership Organization, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Kappa Alpha Theta, MU Career Center Specialist, Newsy.com Video Editor
Favorite Mizzou memory: “The whole weekend of Homecoming 2010 will always be a whirlwind of wonderful memories,” Jackie says. “Everything from having my family come in to see the festivities, walking around GameDay and meeting new friends along the way, seeing my friends cheer for me during the parade, waving at my parents from the football field, kissing the 50-yard line with Top 10 royalty and of course feeling the electricity in the air after our golden win over OU are all some of the best memories of my college career!”
Favorite quote: “Sometimes the only way is jumping / I hope you’re not afraid of heights” – Gavin DeGraw, “Meaning”
Best class taken at Mizzou: Sociology of Sport
Favorite Mizzou teacher: Dana Kinnison
Now playing on your iPod: “Sparks Fly” by Taylor Swift
Favorite Movie: Just Friends
Astrological sign: Virgo
Favorite piece of fall clothing: Boots because they’re “perfect with skinny jeans, a dress or for stepping on crunchy leaves,” Jackie says.
Favorite Columbia restaurant: “Can I say a tie with Flat Branch and Taqueria El Rodeo?” Jackie asks. “They are both so yummy!”

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