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Jacob Manier


Meet Campus Cutie, Jacob!  He is a Delta Tau Delta brother and is single and ready to mingle.  Jacob has a ton of Mizzou spirit and is a Cardinals fan - what more could you ask for? Read on to see what Jacob had to tell Her Campus!


Full Name: Jacob Benjamin Manier


Campus Involvement: I am a proud member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and working on becoming more involved on campus.


Relationship Status: Yes ladies, I am very single.


Favorite Mizzou Tradition: I'm just going to have to go with the greatest Mizzou tradition of them all because Mizzou does it best, Homecoming.


Best Mizzou Memory: My first semester being Greek, I was lucky enough to be a part of our Dance team for the RAMS dance and we ended up winning. All the preparation and the actual dance, I was guy from One Direction and just the whole experience was awesome.


Favorite Dining Hall: Hands down, breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can never go wrong with Dobbs.


Ideal Date: Although I'm a big fan of your traditional dinner and a movie date, I'd have to say maybe take her on a ride down some back roads, find a place to make a fire, toast some mallows, look up at some stars and go from there.


3 Turn Ons: Number One, definitely a girl that can cook. Number two, a girl that knows how to eat. Like she isn't afraid to eat a big rack of ribs right in front of me. And number three, definitely a girl that knows what she’s doing in the weight room. All that, while still being ladylike? I'll put a ring on it.


3 Turn Offs: There is nothing worse than when girls wear Converses. Something about them is just awful. Also, the next worse thing is any sort of facial piercing. Like you see a cute girl from across the room and then you notice she has little nose stud...not a fan. And finally, a girl that smokes is just a complete turn off.


Celebrity Crush: Hands down, no doubt, Emma Watson.


Most Embarrassing Moment: In high school we always had the Navy guys come in at lunch and set up a pull up bar and everyone would go up there and do pull ups and depending on how many you could do, you could win like a pen or something. Of course all the guys made it into a competition, so one day everyone was building me up like I'm about to go up there and do 100 pull ups. So I get up there, I maybe do three pull ups and end up slipping off and falling with everyone watching with huge expectations and it ended up being an epic fail.


Something No One Else Knows About Me: I'm a pretty open person so I don't have a lot of secrets but one thing I used to be self-conscious about, I have a very severe case of Hyperhidrosis, which means I sweat profusely for no reason, but now I take medicine for it so it’s all good.


Guilty Pleasure: I'm a big fan of just sitting down and watching a good movie, and for me, there’s nothing that beats a good romantic comedy.


Last Song Played on My iPod: So I have a very large library of music, so keep that in mind, but the last song was California Gurls by Katy Perry.


Dream Job: No question, starting shortstop on the St. Louis Cardinals.


One Thing You Want To Accomplish This Year: being that the calendar year is almost over, I'd have to say grades are my biggest priority. Working on the elusive 4.0.


Where You See Yourself In 10 Years: In 10 years I will be 30 years old, hopefully I'll be a couple years into my medical career, have a nice home in a beautiful suburb, with a beautiful wife and two or three beautiful children.


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