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iPhone 8 & iPhone X Launch: The Future of the Smartphone?

Every time Apple launches a new product, the world seems to stop. As the iPhone 8 and iPhone X were introduced to the public, we expected the best of the best. With several new features and a new look, these phones did not disappoint.

So, clutch onto your wallets as we take a dive into the jaw-dropping features of the newest additions to the Apple family.

Let’s start with the iPhone 8.

First of all, the most important quality of this new phone is that it allows wireless charging. You can simply plop this phone down onto a Qi charging pad – of course sold separately – with no plugin required. Unfortunately, this means that it has a glass back. If you drop your phone, the front and back are at risk of shattering.

A bonus is that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the same sizes as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, so you won’t be forced run out and buy another case.

Apple has improved the already amazing camera quality and retina display with the iPhone 8, ensuring that this smartphone will take breathtaking pictures while also remaining pleasing to the eye. Also, it still has the comfort of the home button, offering less of a learning curve to purchasing a new phone.

This new addition seems to be the safest bet for customers not yet ready to part with the classic design of the iPhone. The price is also comparable to past releases, leaving behind a smaller dent in your wallet.


The one downside to the iPhone 8 is simply that it isn’t the iPhone X. With features like Face ID and Animojis, this new phone is sure please everyone except your bank account. Starting at $999, the iPhone X is officially the most expensive smartphone.

The design of the iPhone X is unlike any Apple phone released previously. There is no home button, meaning that the screen is the biggest an Apple smartphone has ever been. Moreover, to access your phone, you use Face ID. This software recognizes your face when you make eye contact with the screen, unlocking once it confirms your identity. After it’s unlocked, you simply swipe up to enter your home screen.

Perhaps the utmost exciting attribute to the new phone is Animoji. Since the iPhone X can recognize your face, the camera can be used to mimic your facial features and animate them into a moving emoji. You can transform yourself into a cat, dog, unicorn or many other options and send them as texts to your friends.

The camera also enables Portrait mode for selfies, as well as various lighting techniques to ensure your pictures look as if they were taken with a professional camera. For those of you who want at least one reliable camera, this phone may be your best bet.

While all of these characteristics are tempting, the price may stop you from purchasing the iPhone X. However, if you have the budget or are just desperate for the new phone, it’s qualities are sure to be worth it.


The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X were available for preorder on September 15 and will be available for purchase on September 22.

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