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Introducing Target’s New Summer Collaborations

Target released a new clothing line on May 16, debuting the artistry of three separate designers. The line included Christopher John Rogers’ self titled collection, Alexis Barbara Isaias’ collection ALEXIS and Orlaugh McCloskey and Henrietta Rix’s collection RIXO. 

The line features editorial and bold looks, a different look from Target’s usual relaxed and muted collections like Wild Fable and Universal Threads. While some shoppers feel the brand is too different from previous collaborations and designs, others have enjoyed the new looks. 

This is Target’s second designer collection sold in stores. Target collaborates with many different brands and creators throughout the year to create new clothing lines for the store. In a statement released by the supermarket, the store said the line was released to allow shoppers to obtain designer pieces at affordable prices while providing a wide variety of sizes from a XXS to a 4X large.

The collections vary in style based upon the designer, each sharing the same whimsical and bright colored theme. 

The Christopher John Rogers collection primarily displays a use of vibrant, warm colors, like yellow and orange. Rogers also featured the use of puffy sleeves and exaggerated features of the various dresses. 

Rogers was awarded with emerging artist of the year (2020) by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. 

Other work by Rogers follows similar silhouettes to that of his target line. Most notably vibrant colors, monochrome color schemes and oversized or exaggerated silhouettes. 

ALEXIS by Alexis Barbara Isaias is the second of the three lines target sells within this collection. Isaias’ line is more feminine, yet just as bold as the other designers of the designer line. 

Isaias is a mother of two, and she works with her eldest daughter, Ana, on the brand ALEXIS.  The ALEXIS target line embodies romance and elegance by the abstract fabrics and the soft silhouettes of the dresses. 

The RIXO collection is the last of the target designer line. Created by best friends Orlaugh McCloskey and Henrietta Rix, the brand allows shoppers to take a step backwards in time, enjoying vintage inspired fashion. This line is filled with busy fabrics and multiple textures. 

The lines went viral on TikTok due to the contrasting beliefs users had. Some users were not fond of the new collection while others were excited. 

The #Target tag on TikTok is filled with the opinions users have of the designer dress collection. The majority of dresses from all three designers have been sold, leaving the largest or smallest sizes, or sold out completely. 

The designer line allows people to build their designer collection while keeping costs relatively low. Between bold colors and unique silhouettes, it is likely that this collection will be all over your TikTok themes this summer. 


Adrian is an undergraduate student studying journalism at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo.
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