How to Transform your Self-Care Routine for Spring

Spring weather is finally making its debut, and we are so ready to say goodbye to the frigid winter temperatures and head in to warmer days. Spring is the perfect time of the year to make fresh changes and mix things up a bit; including your self-care routine. We've rounded up the best tips and tricks to help you take wellness and beauty to the next level, by category. 


Meditate in the morning.

Instead of reaching for your phone the second you wake up, try to remain unplugged and disconnected for the first part of the morning. Start by taking just ten minutes to focus on gratitude and positivity and let that mindset carry with you throughout the day. 

Schedule time to de-stress throughout the week.

If you know your schedule for the entire week is going to be packed, take some time on Sunday night to plan out at least one hour of "you time" at some point during the week. Try practicing yoga, painting, taking a dance class, or spending time with friends. 

Invest in a planner.

And USE it! There is something just extra satisfying about physically crossing items off your to-do list. Not only will keeping a planner help you keep track of the tasks you still have to complete, but it will also remind you of how much you have accomplished.  


Lift weights.

Weight training is one of the most effective forms of exercise you can add in to your routine. Not only are you likely to see increased muscle tone with just three 30-minute strength training sessions a week, you will also boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels naturally. 

Start your day with a tall glass of water.

After sleeping for 7-8 hours your body is probably just a little dehydrated once you roll out of bed in the AM. Starting your morning with an 8-ounce glass of chilled water has been shown to boost your metabolism and flush out toxins. 

Avoid salty foods.

A diet high in sodium can lead to bloating and puffy eyes, according to Livestrong.

Usually, we get plenty of sodium in our diets from natural sources, so try to avoid foods with added salt like pre-packaged snacks and canned foods.

Set a sleep schedule.

It may be super tempting to sleep until the afternoon hours on the weekend even though your body is used to waking up for your 8 a.m. math class during the week, but sticking to a regular sleep schedule can help improve your well-being and even boost your productivity and flow of creative ideas. 

Skin, hair, and nails


Think of exfoliating like clearing away all the dirt and rough patches of dead skin from your face. So, when you skip this step in your skincare routine, the stuff you'd probably rather not have still on your face can build up and make your skin appear dull and rough. And no one wants that. Regardless of when you exfoliate, experts agree it should be done gently, with a super-fine scrub to avoid micro-tears in the skin.  

Use self-tanner.

If you don't already have a self-tanner trick up your sleeve: you need one. It will change your life. Coming out of the winter months, self-tanner will without a doubt be flying off the shelves and being added to online shopping carts like crazy. There are so many different self-tanner brands and types and it can get a little confusing as to which kind is best for you and your skin type. St. Tropez bronzing mousse is definitely a self tanner enthusiast favorite. You apply it evenly all over your body using a hand mit and allow it to set for 4-7 hours. Once you are ready to reveal your tan, the top layer washes off in the shower and you are left with the perfect, even glow. 

Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse, $32.00

Try a hair mask.

The dry winter air, wearing extra hats and scarves, and using heat to style your 'do can all lead to breakage, damage, and split ends. There are tons of DIY hair mask treatments online, but one of the simplest hacks is only one ingredient: coconut oil.  DIY Natural recommends simply covering your ends in about a quarter cup of coconut oil and allowing it to sit for one hour. Not only will your hair smell like a tropical island, the coconut oil will leave it feeling extra soft and shiny. 

Wear sunscreen.

Dermatologists recommend using an SPF of at least 30 when you are exposing your skin to the sun's harmful UV rays. Applying sunscreen daily can reduce your chances of developing skin cancer, decrease brown spots and skin discoloration, and slow down the process of aging. 

Brush your lips.

This may sound weird, but it's kind of like exfoliating specifically for your lips. Next time you brush your teeth, finish by gently taking your toothbrush over your lips to remove the excess dead skin. Dry and cold weather can lead to chapped lips, and this is an effective, easy way to wipe away any unwanted rough spots. 

Try dermaplaning.

A.K.A., shaving your face. It's not as scary as it sounds, though. In a dermaplaning procedure, a doctor or aesthetician uses a scalpel to gently remove the peach fuzz and layer of dead skin from your entire face (and no, it won't actually make your hair grow back darker). The result? An extra smooth complexion that leaves your skin bright and glowing.

Taking the time to practice self-care will do wonders for your well-being. Try adding a few of these quick and easy tasks to your weekly routine as we head in to warmer months; your body and mind will thank you!