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How to dress comfy at holiday dinners so you won’t feel like a stuffed turkey.

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

Let’s BE Comfortable and stylish this season

The holiday season is upon us, and if you are anything like me you’ve probably been dreaming about your family’s Christmas Eve Dinner and enjoying takeout from your favorite hometown-only restaurant while sitting on your couch. College students all around are just trying to get through the final stretch of the semester and, as far as food goes, the dining hall food is just not cutting it anymore. The real pressing question should not be the intrusive one your aunt inevitably asks you when you return home, “How’s college?”, “Do you have a significant other?”, etc. But, instead, what you’ll be wearing when you are enjoying all the deliciousness! Whether your dinner is cooked, takeout, or catered, feasting in style takes some preparation! Here are some clothing ideas for feeling comfortable yet stylish at your holiday dinners, to avoid feeling like a stuffed turkey!

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  1. Leggings!

In the last decade, Gen-Z has normalized the wearing of athletic gear or leggings as pants. Use this to your advantage! This holiday season, throw on a good pair of stretchy leggings under your sweater, turtleneck or cardigan. The leggings fabric is tight-fitting yet comfortable, so you won’t feel restricted. You’ll even be comfortable enough to take a food coma nap after you enjoy your food!

  1. Oversized Sweaters!

Oversized sweaters are closet classics and a holiday wardrobe must-have. Not only are sweaters stylish and cozy, but they also help hide the food-baby (bloating) that forms as you eat your holiday dinners. A good oversized sweater can be thrown over some stretchy jeans, leggings, tights, or a skirt. The oversized sweater is versatile and will be a good option if you are going for cute, not cropped vibes.

  1. Dresses?!

Look, I know it’s a little cold outside but hear me out! Pants can be a little restrictive regardless of the style, so if you don’t want anything pressing down on your stomach while you are enjoying your holiday dishes, I suggest either a sweater dress with knee-high boots or a turtleneck underneath a long sundress. Go with one of these options and you are good as gravy, baby. 

  1. Your Favorite Comfortable Jeans 

I know I’ve made some notes about stretchy pants but there is nothing like the comfort of your favorite stretchy jeans. You know, the jeans that don’t force you to undo the button, that fit in all the right places and are a staple to any wardrobe! If you are going for a casual but classy look, some stretchy blue jeans with a cardigan could be a great option for you. 

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  1. Crewnecks!

If you and/or your family aren’t the type to dress up for the holidays you can never go wrong with the comfort of a crewneck! They have the same power as the oversized sweater – versatile and go with almost anything. To add a stylish touch you could wear a turtleneck underneath or a jacket for a layer on top. Bonus point for wearing a Mizzou-themed crewneck, because we all know college is the first thing your family will ask about!

Whatever you decide to pull out of your wardrobe, comfort is key (especially when you know you’ll be eating a second or third plate of food). But if you are like me, a good excuse to dress a bit more stylishly for an occasion is also fun. I hope you enjoy this holiday season and eat all the deliciousness before returning to campus and its poor excuses for “food” in January. So, stay warm and comfy!

Gabriella Lacey is a Junior at the University of Missouri majoring in Journalism (Cross-platform editing & producing) and minoring in Art & Digital Storytelling. She thoroughly enjoys writing and hopes to go into art & culture journalism. She loves reading, drawing, video games, fantasy/action movies, cooking competitions, and spicy foods. Around campus, she is involved in student media as well a wide variety of organizations both in and out the J-school. As a Kansas City Native, you will likely find her around campus wearing a tote bag and a Kansas City Chiefs sweater.