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How to Talk Politics this Holiday Season

Whether you are doing a socially-distanced dinner or a Zoom get together, the holidays are right around the corner. You may not see eye-to-eye with your great uncle’s ideas or maybe who your cousin voted for, but it’s important to prepare yourself for the conversation to happen.   

It will start like this:  

Grandma: So, Biden is our new president now, huh?  

The phrase that could kick off an unwanted argument. 

Some family members may be liberal or conservative, but either way, things can get heated. You have two lines of defense in this situation: you can bluntly state your case and continue to argue with the other side or try to have a real conversation about the future president.   

Polarization is common nowadays, but family can be the best place to find common ground. Listen to what your aunt has to say on economic policy because she votes just like you in every election. After listening, be civil. The best conversation stems from authentic viewpoints trying to understand each other. Tell your aunt why you agree or disagree through logical, fact-based statements. Search for better ways to explain yourself that might resonate with family members with whom you usually are never on the same page.   

Maybe you’re not sure what to think, and that’s okay. Do some research to see where you land on the political spectrum. Read into Trump’s current policy and Biden’s future plan. By looking deeper into politics, it helps you vote better and can influence the people you love.   

I wish you luck this holiday season on what is to come.   

Happy Holidays.   

Katie Quinn

Mizzou '23

Hi! My name is Katie Quinn and I am a sophmore journalism student at Mizzou. I love to write, edit audio, and take pictures in my free time. I love to watch any and all reality tv, so if you ever want to talk about the Bachelor please let me know!
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