How to Survive Finals Week

Notice I said “survive,” not thrive, in that title. There really is no way to thrive during finals unless you’re a maniac who loves studying and having brain overloads, which definitely isn’t me. I am that person who waits until two days before her tests to study the entire book and every hint my professors give as to what could be on the final. With final projects, final papers and final exams all right around the corner, here are five steps I have to remain calm and without a brain explosion in the next few weeks.

1. Take a break

I know we haven’t started yet, but you deserve a break. If you’re even looking at this article already, I know you’ve been experiencing some stress. A break will clear your head and make you relax for a second. Feel free to forget those equations for this break time. Grab yourself a soda and a donut before getting back to your work, or take a full night off and watch some movies with your friends.

2. Get Some REST

Those energy drinks won’t keep you up for long. I do this on the nights I take my breaks. After a movie or two, I’ll go to bed. My bedtime during school is usually around 2 a.m., so getting good sleep is usually not in the cards for me. Your brain functions much better on sleep, and you will feel well-rested and ready to take on more studies the next day. Go to bed before midnight, and get your full eight hours.

3.  Stay Hydrated

Drink a lot of water. Yeah, you’ll probably have to pee a lot, but take a phone break when you go to the bathroom! Your focus and concentration increases when you stay hydrated. If you need energy, drink a (sugar-free) Red Bull! I’ll admit, I’m guilty to drinking a few energy drinks a week to get myself going. Coffee is a lot healthier than energy drinks. Order your drinks “skinny” at Starbucks” if you need a kick that won’t make you feel bad. Just get those fluids somehow, ladies.

4. Make a bomb a** playlist

I hate the sound of silence, but I hate the sound of people chatting while I’m trying to focus even more. I have a playlist full of all instrumental music or just empowering music without words that I love listening to while I study. I won’t feel obligated to sing along, and I won’t be listening to silence, so basically it’s the best of both worlds. If instrumental music isn’t your thing, listen to one of Spotify's “Focus” playlists. There’s some already made instrumental playlists as well as regular music that they combine to help you focus. Listen to whatever gets you in the study groove.

5. Make a Quizlet

I felt I had to include something dealing with school. I actually love Quizlet. I know some people hate looking at it on their computers, so if you’re like that, make regular flashcards! It’s kind of a no-brainer, but being able to quiz yourself without the answer laying right in front of you is a great way to learn something. There’s even a Quizlet app, so you can study on the go and look like you’re scrolling through Instagram, but really, you’re being a genius. Include some memory tricks on your flashcards so you have extra ways to remember some info.

Well, I’m off to study until I pass out, probably. Good luck and (not) happy finals!