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How to Stay Safe on MU’s Campus

Since school has started there have been three MU Police clery releases notifying students of assaults on campus, including one that took place the day before classes began. The most recent release informed MU students of a female victim that was sexually assaulted in the Virginia Avenue parking garage.

According to mupolice.com, the number of incidents and attacks has fluctuated since 2005, but recently the number of clery releases increased significantly, jumping from five reports in 2010 to 11 in 2011.

Students should pay special attention to the clery releases, taking note of who was attacked, when the attacked happened, where it happened and if the suspect got away.

Her Campus Mizzou has some tips to share with you, so that you can avoid being featured in an MU Police clery release.

Travel with your wolf pack
Don’t wait until a bachelorette party in Vegas to find a wolf pack. Girls always travel in pairs, and this is no exception. It’s more intimidating to an attacker if you’re traveling with a big group, and you’ll be less of target for losers who have serious problems. The wolf pack you go out with should be the wolf pack you leave with.  

Super soak that s*** with pepper spray
Since a taser gun is out of the picture, your next best bet is pepper spray. The active ingredient in pepper spray is capsaicin, the same chemical found in chili peppers. Imagine that in your eyes! Pepper spray will cause pain and temporary blindness to your attacker, which is enough of a distraction for you to get back on your feet and run. Don’t forget to get a good knee in before you jet.

Pretend you’re on the phone, we won’t judge
If you’re walking past a suspicious group of people, this fake distraction will make you appear less alone than you actually are, and you’ll have your phone easily accessible if you have to call for help. For all they know, you could actually be on the phone with someone who will hear the attack and call the police. Plus, we already know you have fake phone convos when you’re walking to class without your friends.


Stop flashing your goodies
Meaning, as much as you look like an advertisement for a high-end fashion designer, you also look like a target for robbery. That Coach purse is fabulous, but not necessary for a night out downtown. If you’re in a public space, familiar or not familiar, you never know who is out there or what they want. Flashing your designer handbag screams that your purse, and whatever else is in it, are worth a lot of money. Instead, accessorize with a cheap wristlet, cause let’s be honest, you’re going to spill drinks all over it anyway — and that’s if you don’t lose it first.

Okay Regina George, it’s time be a friend
But really though, drop the careless mean girl act and be there for your friend when she’s stranded on East Campus. I know you’re tired from a long day of laying out and your feet hurt from walking around the mall, but this is serious. Even if it were 2 a.m., you’d want the favor in return. Let’s be real, it’s going to happen.


How do you stay safe on campus? Tell us about it in our comments!

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