How to Prepare Yourself for Valentine's Day

Whether you're single and ready to mingle or in a relationship that is so long term you're basically an old married couple, Valentine's Day is coming fast. With less than two weeks until the day of love, it's time to start bracing ourselves for the inevitable: heart-shaped everything, chocolate everywhere you look (which is not a bad thing), sappy Facebook posts dedicated to one's significant other and wedding engagements left and right. Here are a few ways to prepare yourself for February 14th.

Plan to treat yo' self

Make yourself breakfast in bed, go to the spa, watch all your favorite chick flicks, spend a few hours shopping and go out to dinner with the girls. Single Girl's Awareness Day is a holiday too, right?

Find meaningful gifts for the ones you love

Valentine's Day isn't just about celebrating the romantic kind of love. Let your friends and family know how much you care about them by sending some flowers, sharing a sweet treat or simply spending quality time together.

Stock up on chocolate (but not too much yet)

We all know Valentine's Day is one of the most famous excuses to eat our weight in heart-shaped chocolate (as if we even need an excuse). You don't want to wake up on the morning of February 14th and be without a box of chocolates, do you? Pace yourself, though, because Valentine's Day chocolate will go on MAJOR sale after the big day is all said and done.

Find a festive outfit

You don't have to go overboard with red, pink and glitter (although it may be tempting). Try to dress for the occasion. Show some Valentine's Day spirit by sporting a fun and flirty dress with a pair of matching heels because every girl likes an excuse to dress up, right?

If you're in a relationship — plan the perfect date night 

Some couples may see Valentine's Day as overrated, but who's to say your Valentine's date night has to be the traditional dinner and a movie? Try planning something spontaneous like trying a cooking class together, taking a hike through a scenic nature trail or even going for a hot air balloon ride. 

Whether you're single, dating or married, there is always a reason to celebrate the day of love. This Valentine's Day, focus on surrounding yourself with the ones you care about and showing them just how much they mean to you.