How to Prepare for Election Day

Over the past few weeks, I've not been able to have a conversation with anyone without the upcoming election being brought up. If you're like me, this may be your first election. I'm here to help you out with some tips I've come across as I've started to prepare for the big day.

  1. 1. You Should Understand the Positions You're Voting People Into

    Understanding what types of roles and what tasks an individual in a certain government position will help you make a more informed choice when you vote.

  2. 2. Research What Will Be on Your Ballot

    Election Ballot

    Although everyone's talking about the presidential race, there's much more to be voted on. In fact, you'll be voting on things concerning your state, county, and city, too. Websites like Ballotpedia will give you a sample ballot so you know what to expect when you cast your vote.

  3. 3. Find Your Polling Location

    You should be able to find your polling location by completing a quick Google search. I found searching the terms "polling location secretary of state" to be most effective. Be sure that you find the Secretary of State Website that corresponds to the state you'll be voting in.

  4. 4. Make Sure You're Registered

    I Voted stickers scattered on a white surface

    It wouldn't hurt to double-check! Filling in this form will let you know if you're good to go.

  5. 5. Don't Take a Selfie With Your Ballot

    Don't risk your vote being thrown out just because of a picture for Insta. There are lots of other ways of showing others that you've voted!