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How To: Ombre Your Hair


What do Beyonce, the Kardashians and Rachel Bilson have in common? How about amazing style! They all have even rocked the ombre.

Ombre is when the bottom part of your hair is typically two shades lighter than the rest of your hair. However, you can ombre your hair any color!

But the best thing about the ombre hairstyle is its’ versatility. It looks amazing on all hair types and you ombre almost none or most of your hair.

Let’s make our hair fabulous!  You will only need your choice of dye kit. 

(Clairol offers great dyes for all hair textures)

Step 1: Mix your dye of choice as described on the box instructions.


Step 2: Decide on the portion of hair you would like to dye and split into about 80 sections.


Step 3: Apply dye. Start at the lowest part of hair and work your way up. It makes for a better of transitioning with the colors.


Step 4: Let dye set for as directed on the box instructions. (I’d recommend applying the dye two times)


Step 5: If the hair is not as light as you’d like, reapply for deeper color.


Step 6: Condition your hair or apply a leave-in. Dying your hair can dry your hair so conditioner puts back nutrients.


Let it air dry or blow dry. Now, it’s time to embrace your fierceness!

Work it! It looks great. 

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