How to Make Your Easter Pinterest Worthy

Easter is upon us, and it can be fun to decorate the house for the occasion. Here are a few unique craft ideas from Pinterest that you can look into doing yourself.


1. Egg in a blanket

Your dinner table setting will certainly stand out with these eggs in a napkin. And if you hard boil them beforehand, then your guests can have a little something extra to eat.



2. Bunny in a pot

These cute bunny butts are easy to make. All you need are a couple of different sized balls, some felt to make the feet, and a pot to put it in at the end.



3. Mini Easter baskets

Sometimes all you need is a cute little bucket with grass and eggs to make your decor stand out.



4. Jelly bean vase

This vase is simple to make. All you need is a toilet paper roll to hold the flowers, and then the rest of the vase can be filled with jelly beans. 



5. Bunny wall decor

This is a simple yet cute idea that you can easily put together after a trip to the craft store. Source


For more Easter decor ideas, make sure to check out Pinterest.