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How to Give Thoughtful Presents

As the holiday season approaches it’s full swing, many people are going to be panicking as they shop last minute for their loved ones. Although giving money can be an easy scapegoat gift that anyone can appreciate, it does take away from the joyful suspense of unwrapping a present. In order to avoid that, here are four strategies for giving more thoughtful presents this holiday season. 

Start with the basic questions.

How old is this person? This could mean the difference in getting a Barbie doll or a kitchen knife set. Are they religious? If so, maybe a daily devotional or a cross necklace could be great! Are they educated, or do they go to school? An academic type may appreciate a good book, and someone in school may have specific needs like new pens or pencils. Where do they live? Landscape and climate could be the difference in gifting someone flip flops or boots. These basic questions can immediately mkae you think more clearly of what your loved one would appreciate. 

Assess their lifestyle and interests. 

What does this person do for a living? Are they a homebody, or do they like the outdoors? What sort of things did they do in their pastime? What music do they enjoy? What shows or movies do they love? By assessing someone’s lifestyle, you can pin down a great, unique gift. A manual laborer may need heavy-duty gloves and a new tool belt. Someone who spends time outdoors may want a new pair of polarized sunglasses. If the person paints in their freetime, maybe they could use a new set of brushes. Other thoughtful gifts based on a person’s interests could include things like concert tickets, instruments, a cutting board, or new workout gear. 

Assess their needs.

Sometimes something simple and practical really is the best gift. A Brita water filter could be perfect for the family that always buys plastic water bottles. Maybe a teenage driver could use a gift card to a gas station. Maybe your friend needs a memory foam pillow to support their neck. At the end of the day, getting a gift based on a person’s needs guarantees that the item will be appreciated and used. 

When in doubt, give something you would want.

A perfect last resort if you can’t figure out a gift is to just give something you would want. Of course, you still need to base this in the earlier questions you have already explored. So, identify some similarities between you and your loved one. Maybe you both have skin that is prone to dryness and you have the perfect moisturizer in your skin care routine that you could gift. Maybe you both love jewelry and there is a certain boutique where you buy all your accessories. Maybe you both work desk jobs and could use a foam roller for lower back pain, or blue light blocking glasses for eye protection. Whatever it is that you want, your loved ones are bound to appreciate them as well. 

At its core, the holiday season is all about love. Don’t get too overwhelmed in your pursuit of the perfect gift. At the end of the day, spending time with loved ones should be the main focus of your energy. 

Just another STL native studying Journalism at Mizzou. Lover of music, books, fashion, and pasta.
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