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How to Get Those Toes Summertime Fine

Spring is on the horizon! It’s time to get those feet right. I know that warm weather brings a higher nail shop bill but no more! Get out a piece of paper, open your Notes app or whatever you need because I’m about to give you the keys to investing in your future!

1. You need to smooth out those rough spots.

There’s no way your feet are not suffering from those long walks to class. Get you an electronic buffer! I have the Emjoi, and 5/5 would recommend. It comes with a roller, but the site has courser ones you can buy if your feet need a bit more care. Also, your order comes with a 50% off coupon to buy new rollers!

2. Gel kits, babes.

 I know you’ve heard about at-home UV gel kits. It’s time to invest in one. I don’t have one yet, but just know that my toes will be under a hot light while I sit on my floor before March is over. They have them for toes! YouTube taught me.

3. Shea butter!

The sun is hot and unforgiving. You need something thick enough to withstand the drying heat and thin enough so your feet can breathe. Mine is from sheamakery.com. It was cheap and a little goes a very long way!

Mark these as essentials on your shopping list so you can be as happy as me and my feet this summer!

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