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How to Be the Best Wingwoman

Ever have a friend ask you to be her wingwoman at a party, but were unsure of the duties the entailed? You’re not alone. There are plenty of women out there who are in your same boat, so Her Campus Mizzou decided to put some ideas to test. With this guide, you will be on your way to becoming the best wingwoman ever, and all of your friends will be begging for you to accompany them to the next party.

1. Make a game plan
The ideal wingwoman breaks the ice for her friend so she isn’t too nervous from the start. As a wingwoman, introduce yourself and your friend. This helps your friend go into a conversation confidently, which many guys think is a very attractive quality in a woman. Once you arrive at your destination, find a good spot that allows you to check out who else is at the party. This will help you find a cutie to make a move on.

2. Pick a guy out
Be sure to take a good look around the perimeter of the room. This where most people hang out when they are not already talking to someone else. Chances are, you’ll most likely find some cute guys worth chatting with. Don’t waste your time on guys who seem to be engaged in playing video games, because you’ll never get their attention. Also, steer clear from a guy spending time with a big group of his buddies, because it’s easy to feel intimidated by the large group.

3. Make your move
A great wingwoman should always be the one willing to start up a conversation. Start by walking up to him and saying “Hey, aren’t you in one of my classes?” Even if he’s not, you still broke the ice and it’s the perfect time to introduce yourself and your friend.

4. Get out
Once the conversation is going well, throw out a few good lines of information that help set your friend up for an awesome story that makes her look great. (She’s a master at scoring tickets to the hottest concerts in town. I remember this one time … ) Then once the guy is totally focused on her, it’s time for you to get out and let the two do some flirting.

5. Make an interruption
You never want to tell your life story to a guy the first night you meet him, so once enough time has passed for them to flirt and build a connection, casually make your way back into the conversation with a reason why you must steal your friend away. This will leave him wanting more and most likely looking for a way to further their connection.

6. Be the best wingwoman ever and seal the deal
Don’t let your friend walk away without giving this boy her number. Sometimes giving out your own number can be nerve-wracking, so do your friend a favor and say, “I’m sorry I have to steal her away, but why don’t you give Julia your number?” This sets things up perfectly and leaves your friend loving you forever.

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