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Horoscope of the Month: Taurus


We know collegiates love reading their horoscope, so Her Campus Mizzou has brought them to campus! Happy Birthday Taurus!

Personality: You are the tiger that people have seen but don’t know, but they want to meet! You have serious confidence; it’s a little intimidating. Sometimes you prefer quiet. You’d rather study in Ellis than the Student Center. You’re the one who when people ask, “why are you so quiet?” your friends and family laugh. You are definitely loud, but everyone doesn’t know. You seek stability and when you set a goal, you achieve it. You came to mizzou with a goal in mind: graduation. You love shopping downtown, frat parties, and bars but you know that’s all secondary. You definitely enjoy going out but not all the time, but when you do everyone knows it’ll be a good night. You are extremely loyal and compassionate and will do anything for someone you love.


What’s Taurus season has ahead: FUN. Summer is around the corner! You will be focused on having fun and relaxing. You live by the motto “work hard, party harder”. So when finals are over, you’re heading home to do absolutely nothing. Rest and relaxation is your idea of fun. You definitely are leaving campus with one last hooray.



Life: Right now, it’s the end of the semester so Taurus feel one thing: stress. School is the biggest thing on your mind. You take their grades seriously. No matter if you stayed on top of your work or pushed off studying, you’re going to do well. You’ve already planned to be at the Ellis until it closes then the Mizzou Market since it’s 24 hours. Your friends already know not to bother you. You’ve probably planned to miss out on Cinco de May pub crawl, and end of the year parties, which sucks, but you know that Econ final is more important.


Love: You like commitment, no matter, if you’re single or in a relationship. You believe in being really single or really committed. There is not much middle. You don’t believe in playing with the heart You don’t see being single as a bad thing, but you do have hopes of a relationship only if it is worth it. You only get involved with people who you see a future with, otherwise you’d much rather be single.


Good days: Fridays are already the best day of the week, but for you, Taurus, the 3rd, 10th, and 17th are definitely your days! 




She's a junior at the University of Missouri - Columbia, studying journalism with a strategic communication emphasis and a business minor. She hopes to be a part of the advertising world soon. She loves reading magazines, watching sports, and hanging out with family and friends.
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