Grey's Anatomy's 300 Episodes' Most Intense Moments

Last Thursday, Grey's Anatomy aired its 300th episode on ABC. The episode was filled with references to past characters and seasons, complete with little George, Cristina and Izzie dopplegängers. The endless nostalgia was the perfect tribute to this major milestone episode, and we hope Shonda continues to pay tribute to past characters and moments in the future. 

In honor of Shonda's majorly nostalgic episode, we decided to rate the intensity of some of Grey's Anatomy's biggest moments. SPOILER ALERT: This list includes moments up through Season 13, so quit reading now if you're not caught up!

When Meredith Grabbed the Bomb

Season 2, Episodes 16-17: "It's the End of the World" and "As We Know It"

Intensity: 8/10

This episode shows Meredith at peak "dark and twisty," due to Derek giving his relationship with Addison another shot. After sticking her hand into a body cavity to stabilize a bomb, Meredith spends hours trapped in the OR as the only person keeping the bomb from exploding and destroying everything in its path. Finally, after the bomb is safely removed, Meredith witnessed the bomb squad leader (Coach Taylor for those Friday Night Lights fans) literally explode while walking down the hall. The episode with a heartbroken Meredith revealing to Derek that she can't remember the last time they kissed, and fans swoon when Derek remembers the full details of their final kiss.

When Denny's Heart Failed

Season 2, Episode 27: "Losing My Religion"

Intensity: 7/10

One could argue that Izzie cutting Denny's LVAD wires was just as intense as this moment, but Denny's death was ultimately the most powerful moment in Izzie's life. After Denny's death, the show is centered around Izzie's grief and later brain tumor reveal. Before Izzie's cancer is diagnosed, she seems to be having an affair with Denny and turns to him for constant support, proving he was a major love in her life. Alex peeling Izzie from Denny's body is a moment filled with pain that we'll always remember.

When Meredith Almost Drowned

Season 3, Episodes 15-16: "Walk on Water" and "Drowning on Dry Land"

Intensity: 8.5/10

In this episode, Meredith contemplates letting herself drown, Derek saves Meredith and Ava/Rebecca is introduced for the first time. In the beginning of the episode, Derek walks in on Meredith underwater in the bathtub, foreshadowing her later near-drowning experience. While Meredith is unconscious, she interacts with several ghosts from her past, including Denny Duquette, bomb squad leader Dylan and Bonnie. Another one of the ghosts: Ellis Grey, who we don't know has died until this moment.

When Meredith Realized it was George 

Season 5, Episode 24: "Now or Never" 

Intensity: 9.5/10

The fifth season ended with an unidentified John Doe arriving at the hospital after being hit by a bus. Everyone was unaware that George was John Doe, until he marks "007" on Meredith's palm. Meanwhile, as Meredith realizes George is her patient, Izzie, who has been suffering from cancer, flat lines in the hospital. Viewers were left believing both died until the sixth season premiere, where we continued to mourn George. None of us will ever forget the infamous elevator moment.

When a Shooter was on the Loose

Season 6, Episodes 23-24: "Sanctuary" and "Death and All His Friends" 

Intensity: 8.5/10 

In this two-parter, a grieving shooter is on the loose, threatening all of Seattle Grace. Derek got shot, Karev got shot and countless interns were shot and killed. Every moment was horrifying and heartbreaking, from the elevator door opening up to an unconscious, bleeding Karev to Meredith watching Derek get shot before she could tell him she was pregnant. The mass chaos is terrifying and creates multiple storylines of panic and terror.

When They All Went Down in a Plane Crash

Season 8, Episode 24: "Flight"

Intensity: 10/10

The plane crash was easily the most heart wrenching tragedy the hospital has faced. Mark dies, Lexie dies, Arizona loses her leg, the group is left stranded without hope of rescue and the rest of the hospital is left grieving the horrific experience. It hurts to watch. The entire following season deals with the aftermath of the crash, with the surviving members using their settlement money to later buy the hospital.

When Cristina Says Goodbye

Season 10, Episode 24: "Fear (of the Unknown)"

Intensity: 7/10

While Derek Shepherd was the romantic love of Meredith's life, Cristina Yang was without a doubt her person. She's proof that someone's "person" doesn't have to be a romantic partner, and female friendships are stronger than anything. Before Cristina left, she left Meredith with words none of us will forget. "You are a gifted surgeon with an extraordinary mind," Cristina told Meredith. "Don't let what he wants eclipse what you need. He's very dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are."

When Japril Lost Their Baby

Season 11, Episode 11: "All I Could Do Was Cry"

Intensity: 8/10

Nothing was more heartbreaking than watching religious April decide whether or not to carry her baby to full term. This tragedy was the start of Jackson and April's doomed relationship. Although the pair eventually became parents of Harriet, their hardships following Samuel's birth were painful to watch.

When McDreamy Died

Season 11, Episode 21: "How to Save a Life" 

Intensity: 12/10

We can't even put this one into words. After seasons of rooting for MerDer, Dr. Derek Shepherd loses his life after suffering an irreparable brain injury. A brain surgeon. Who dies from an overlooked brain injury. Ironic in the worst possible way. He dies all alone in a hospital under the care of Penny (who is the worst), and fans will continue to grieve this loss until the end of time.

When Sofia Picked Arizona over Callie 

Season 12, Episode 22: "Mama Tried" 

Intensity: 6.5/10

Arizona and Callie's custody battle over Sofia divided the entire staff of Grey Sloan. Most of the episode took place in the courtroom with doctors taking the stand to support either Arizona or Callie. The judge ultimately awarded custody to Arizona, and watching Meredith open her door to an emotional Callie is an extremely emotional moment. In the end, however, Arizona put aside the two's differences and allowed Callie to move with Sofia. This moment showed maturity and reminded us of more pleasant times when Callie and Arizona were a power couple.

When Meredith Was Attacked by a Patient

Season 12, Episode 9: "The Sound of Silence"

Intensity: 7.5/10

The worst part of Meredith's brutal attack by a patient is when her kids are too scared to approach her in the hospital. Experiencing Meredith not being able to hear or talk from her point of view makes the episode even more powerful and allows viewers to feel the fear Meredith feels. This episode delivered powerful messages about female power, victimization, forgiveness and resilience. Even though Meredith has suffered countless tragedies in her time, this attack was brutal and watching Meredith's slow recovery was painful.

When Alex Attacked DeLuca

Season 12, Episode 24: "Family Affair"

Intensity: 7.25/10

Alex's attack on DeLuca was a major theme of Season 13. From DeLuca's recovery and plan to take legal action, to Meredith discussing jail time with Karev, this debacle addressed major issues surrounding violence. Karev has always been afraid of turning into his violent father, so this experience was especially draining on him.

With Shonda's plans to continue the show until Ellen Pompeo quits, Grey Sloan Memorial is sure to face more tragedies and heartbreaking moments. The only consolation to watching these tough moments: Meredith Grey has lived through the worst and will continue to thrive (because as long as the show is running Meredith will be around).