Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Like many I grew up with the Gilmore girls. When Lorelai came running down the stairs in denim cut-offs I cringed with Rory. When Rory’s heart was broken I ate a tub of ice cream (every time) and when the show ended I bawled like a baby, but I was content with how things ended.

When I heard there would be a revival I read everything I could about what was going to be on the show, I was so excited to see what the people of Stars Hollow were up to. I didn’t expect anything except to have all my questions answered, which is why I loved the four 90 minute episodes. All of my questions were answered, but then of course those four little words…

I’ve seen the revival get some negative feedback, and my response to those is that those haters are being too selfish. A lot are saying they hate the “new” Rory, while I think this is the exact same Rory we’ve always known and loved. She’s only going through new things, experiences and the blessing/curse of cellphones. Rory still drinks enough coffee to kill an elephant, is the buffer between Emily and Lorelai, and Rory is still trying to figure her life out. The fact that she’s 32 doesn’t mean she needs to have it together, that wouldn’t make a good show and it’s not reality.

The revival is many things, but a failure it is not. So many people have taken interest in the show since they’ve seen the fan base that is still as strong as ever after so many years. I 10/10 recommend the show to anyone and everyone! It’s funny and charming and it makes you feel comfortable with life’s terrifying/wonderful/horrible surprises because the show is about taking what life throws at you and just making it work.

Lorelai Gilmore crafted an already crazy life and made it even zanier in a way that only Lorelai Gilmore could after she became pregnant at 16-years-old and ran away from the iron grip of her parent’s home. The journey her life takes is made all the better since we get to follow along for so long. 

For those of you starting Gilmore Girls for the first time, enjoy the ride. You truly won’t regret it.