"Frozen 2" Trailer Breakdown

It's been over five years since "Frozen" was released by Disney in November 2013. It was a smashing success, and fans have awaited a sequel for a long time. In November 2019, we will finally be getting a "Frozen 2" movie. The first trailer for the film was just recently released on February 13. Here's a quick breakdown of the trailer with a few theories.

1. They will be getting out of Arendelle

The trailer shows Elsa attempting to run across the ocean while using her powers. She is determined to get past the massive waves that keep pushing her back. There must be some reason or danger that has Elsa so focused on trying to walk on water.

2. The diamonds in the air signal danger

Just looking at Ana's face when she sees the hundreds of ice diamonds floating in the air gives me worried vibes. Maybe Elsa or someone else is sending those diamonds as a signal to Ana.

3. A massive fire will take place in the film

A short clip from the trailer shows Elsa trying to ward off a dangerous fire to protect herself and Olaf. It looks like it the fire surrounds more than just those two, and could possibly be some sort of forest fire. The question here is whether or not those two will make it out alive.

4. There is a chance that a new character will have magical powers

This second movie seems to have an autumn theme to it. One clip in the trailer shows a character being spun in the air with the wind and the leaves, while a new character is standing by. That looks like a trick that someone with wind powers would be able to do.

5. Ana finds herself in a rough situation

Whether she accidentally lost her crew or was taken away from them, Ana is seen to be all by herself on the rocks. How she will get out of this situation is something we'll just have to watch the movie to find out.

6. Sven will make some friends

Kristoff is seen riding Sven alongside a herd of moose. They all seem to be racing towards something like they're in a hurry. And the look on Kristoff's face means he is either really having a bad day or something seriously dangerous is happening.