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Five Robin Williams Roles We’ll Never Forget

Beginning October 4, a series of memorabilia previously owned by Robin Williams is set to go up for auction in New York. This news got us thinking about the many times the legendary actor touched our hearts. After four years of him being gone, no doubt we all miss the times he made us laugh, and sometimes cry, with his unforgettable roles. So, because I’m in a nostalgic mood, here are five Robin Williams roles we will never forget.


Mork, Mork & Mindy

Mork & Mindy is renowned for being one of the most successful sitcoms in television history. Taking his stand-up comedy talents to network television, Robin Williams easily became the star of this five-season masterpiece. Mork, an alien from the planet Ork sent to Earth to observe humanity, has plenty of hilarious mannerisms that give the show it’s unmistakable charm. From drinking water from his finger, sleeping upside down and being terrible at picking up social cues, Mork became one of the most beloved characters of all time. I mean, c’mon, who couldn’t love this guy?

Daniel Hillard, Mrs. Doubtfire

One of the most iconic Robin Williams movies of all time is Mrs. Doubtfire, a film that never ceases to make me laugh no matter how many times I’ve seen it. As a kid, it was hard for me to tell that this kind, old woman was actually a grown man in disguise. Even today, his acting is so outrageous he makes it easy for us to do a double-take at this persona. This classic movie will always be a go-to for anyone in the mood for the feel-good genre. And it’s hard to forget the several hilarious moments, such as the vacuum dance sequence and this cooking mishap.

John Keating, Dead Poets Society

“O Captain, my Captain.” Dead Poets Society is a film many hold near and dear to their hearts, including myself. Compared to his other well-known films, Robin Williams’ portrayal of John Keating is one of his more serious roles. Despite the lack of comedy in the plot, Robin gives one of the most successful performances in his career. This is the kind of movie that changes you once you’ve seen it; and if you haven’t seen it yet, this needs to be at the top of your must-watch list.

Genie, Aladdin

What, you thought we would forget Robin Williams’ iconic animated roles? Not a chance. Choosing Robin for the voice of Genie was the perfect choice for Disney’s Aladdin. His humor appeals to both kids and adults watching the movie, leaving no one out of the punchline of his jokes. Also, his song “Friend Like Me” will go down as one of the best Disney songs of all time.

Alan Parrish, Jumanji

Jumanji is a movie that takes us all back to our childhood. I’m not talking about the remake that just came out this past summer, even though I’ll admit I liked it. The original Robin Williams film can never be replaced, no matter how loaded the cast may be. This classic film has all the magic and wonder of a fantasy, adventure film. It also happens to be a movie that made me wary of board games for a part of my childhood. Who else was scarred by the gigantic spiders? I know I still am.

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