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Five Fun Netflix Documentaries You HAVE to See

Are you obsessed with documentaries lately but far too bummed out from midterms to watch anything too heavy? Here are some super chill, super free (if you or your roomie has Netflix, that is) documentaries for you!

(photo: allflicks.net)

A Dog’s Life

Do dogs really see in black and white? Are they capable of feeling love? This 2013 documentary literally just follows around (wo)man’s best friend, letting us unworthy college girls see life through the eyes of puppies! Much of the 44 minute film follows Daisy, a Jack Russell Terrier, through her day at the heels of her human companion. From her relationships with her owners to her interactions with other doggos, this film is just about as pure as it gets!

(photo: Fanart.tv)

An Idiot Abroad

An Idiot Abroad is a British travel documentary series about two men who send their (rather uncultured) friend, Karl Pilkington, all over the world. Throughout his travels, he is given tasks to do, which include interacting with the locals of a land he knows next to nothing about. This series will leave you aghast yet somehow wanting more.


(photo: AllFlicks.net)

The Ultimate Guide to Penny Pinching

As the “young, dumb, broke” college kids we are (thanks, Khalid), this documentary is one we probably all need to watch. This 46-minute film follows the lives of the most frugal. While some of their tips are helpful, like Judith’s extreme couponing and budget setting, others will have you in utter disgust, like Jonathan, who finds and cooks roadkill in order to save money on meat. On a totally unrelated note, thanks for my meal plan, Mom and Dad.

(photo: Allflicks.net)

Nature’s Weirdest Events

This isn’t just another nature documentary, ladies. In this BBC documentary series, Chris Packham takes us around the globe, where we discover just why a wasp can kill tarantulas, the secret life of the real-life sea serpent, and how on earth dogs have adapted to use the underground. This mind blowing series is perfect if you love fun facts- that will likely never come in handy, but will definitely leave you at a loss for words.

(photo: TinyHouseTalk.com)

Small Is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary

OK, I have an unhealthy obsession with all things “tiny house.” From “Tiny House Hunters” on TLC to this documentary, it literally blows my mind how people can live in a space of 500 square feet or less (especially after living in a shoebox of a dorm room)! This documentary takes viewers through several tiny houses, showing them the creative ways the inhabitants make the most of the tiny abode they call home.

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