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Five Fall Fashion Must-Haves

With summer quickly coming to a close and September issues hitting the stands, every fashionista’s favorite season is quickly approaching. That’s right; fall fashion is in the air! While you can’t magically “poof” the new styles out of the magazines (we wish we could too), it’s not hard to find this year’s trends right here in Columbia.

Leather/Leather Inspired Pieces

Leather can add the perfect amount of toughness to any look without looking too intimidating. Try throwing a leather jacket on over a dress when you’re going out. It doubles up as the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble, plus keeps you warm in cool weather. Other leather pieces, like faux leather leggings or coated denim are easy to match, especially with frilly pieces, for that perfect balance between sweet and sassy.


Studs can add a “badass” element to any outfit. Framing the top of a cocktail dress or covering the collar of a chiffon top, the hardware lets you embrace your inner punk-princess without looking too harsh. The glam-punk trend doesn’t stop with studs. Skulls can be seen everywhere this season¬ — from bracelets to tops and shoes.

Colored Denim 

Your jeans are no longer limited to the usual blue, black or white. This season, look for jewel-toned denim to wear with any outfit. It’s worth it to invest in a good pair, as you would with normal blue jeans, because they’re easy to dress down for class and dress up for going out.

Peplum style

The peplum style is flattering to any figure. Adding an element of interest to the body-con trend of last year, the peplum frill drops right below the waist. This look helps create a woman’s desired hourglass figure, accentuating the waist-to-hip curve. The style can be seen on skirts, dresses and tops.

Lilly and Laura Bracelets 

Having arm candy this season is an easy way to show off your style, even when you’re just going to class. These bracelets are easy to slide on and off your wrists and come in every color combination you can think of, so they’re perfect to mix and match. Wear them by themselves, or layer them with a watch or other bracelets for a truly unique look.

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