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With aesthetic nails being a huge trend this summer, the fall will definitely be no different. These next few months will undoubtedly bring some fun twists to the nail scene as new designs and funky aesthetics go viral on social media. For nail lovers and trendsetters alike, creative ideas from Tik Tok and Instagram will constantly be recreated and posted and I am here for it! Below are some of my favorite fall nail trends that I think we will be seeing over the course of the next few months.

  1. Hailey Bieber Chocolate Glazed Nails

Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails are what started it all, so it only feels right to put her on this list. With all of her unique and fun approaches to seemingly basic colors and styles, Bieber’s chocolate glazed nails are giving this season’s typical manicures a “cooler” look. This rich and classy nail look is sure to be seen everywhere this fall, as the warm brown tones and iridescent top coat complement any fall outing you may go on!

  1. Glazed Gold

These nails from @avmasnails are sure to make a statement this fall! This gold is eye-catching for the day and the night and offers an unexpected spin on Bieber’s chocolate glazed nails. While complementing autumn tones and creating a cozy aesthetic, this pairing will go with your favorite comfy fall sweater and give you all the fall vibes that you could ever want in a manicure.

  1. Cozy Brown Ombre

This set from @betina_goldstein is the perfect lowkey manicure! With minimal effort, it is able to create a “put together” look that goes perfectly with anything! Whether you want to recreate it with slightly lighter shades or make it a little dramatic by jumping into deeper shades, this polish will look good no matter what fall aesthetic you choose. 

  1. Fall Pink

Is pink a fall color? Some may feel the bright color is best saved for the Spring or Summer, however, I think bright pink will be a huge hit this fall! Bright pink offers a unique look that is sure to stand out against the darker and neutral fall nail trends. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Artizia’s new arrivals. Pink is a staple in Artizia’s fall collection, and it should be for you too! I love this inspo from @samanthabelbel.

  1. Minimal Fall Rainbow

(See image here)

These nails are perfect for those that want a little color in their life! The small circles offer the perfect balance between minimalist and eccentric aesthetics. Coming from @tessa.lyn.nails, this “dotticure” is sure to serve this Thanksgiving! Recreate this look with similar fall hues, or pick your favorite neutrals for a more tailored look.

  1. Red Wine

Red nails are a summer classic, and this deeper red version will be a classic this fall. I love this wine red color because it is sexy, yet mysterious and fits the spooky theme of this season. This set from @nailstudio.klo_indigo will create the perfect monochromatic look while apple picking or sipping your favorite wine!

Hey guys! I love writing about all things beauty and wellness! Whether it be the latest fashion trends or a new wellness practice by Kendall Jenner, I love to talk about it. In my free time I love creating aesthetic Tik Toks, practicing yoga, and going shopping.