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Everything Fans are Hoping for in You Season 3

Netflix recently released a list of You’s next 12 cast members for its upcoming third season, set to premiere April 6, 2021. The show gained a large following in its freshman year, only increasing in its second season. Fans everywhere are growing anxious for its next episodes’ arrival — here’s everything they’re expecting (possible spoilers):

Love will continue playing a large role in the series.

Many theories for the upcoming season depend on Love’s continued participation in the show. Some involve Love turning on Joe, lying to Joe, and even becoming the main character herself. Victoria Pedretti has certainly showcased her skill as a thrilling actress, excelling at her roles in The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor, as well as acclaimed Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Fans definitely want to see more of Pedretti’s captivating skills.

Characters Joe has said goodbye to will return.

Fans are expecting characters such as Paco and his mom Claudia from Season 1 to return, or Ellie (currently being paid off by Joe) from the recent season. All of these people know the capabilities of Love and Joe and how much of danger they can be. These characters could pose a serious threat to our protagonist.

Fans want to hear more about Joe’s mother!

The most recent season shallowly dove into Joe’s past, explaining why he may only be able to express his affection for women through violence and stalking. Penn Badgley has confirmed that the neighbor at the end of Season 2 is not his mother. We know that Joe definitely needs closure and there’s no way he’s okay with just never seeing his mom again, especially after he grew attachment issues because of her.

Joe needs to kill again.

More specifically, fans are questioning if Joe will finally kill Love. Despite the first expectation listed, and yes, Love is pregnant, but Joe doesn’t want to raise a baby in a family of murderers. Does he, really? What about once Love has the baby? He can raise a kid on his own, he definitely wants to outdo what his mother did. Joe will do whatever he can to keep his newborn baby safe and that includes eliminating Love from the picture, deemed as an unstable and unfit mother (hypocritically, of course).

Needless to say, fans really cannot know what to expect from Netflix’s chilling You. However, they can binge the show starting April 6, finish on the 7th and wait another year in hysteria.

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